CamSur Watersports Complex: Camp Camsur Summer Beach Party Extravaganza

CamSur Watersports Complex


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When in Manila, summer is the ultimate time to get out and hit the beach! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE gets out of Manila to relax or to party, so it’s only fitting that I show you exactly where you need to party this summer break! Come here to Camarines Sur for some CamSur Watersports! It’s the Camp CamSur Beach Party! 



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CamSur Watersports Water Complex



Everywhere you look, people are getting in shape! Filipinos are hitting the gyms, walking, biking, running, climbing, skating, boxing, surfing, wakeboarding and playing all sorts of team sports. Basketball is apparently the average Filipino’s third favorite past time after videoke and eating. (The studies have yet to be approved so don’t quote me on that.)


As someone who is more into action sports as a way to keep fit, I’ve been wanting to go to the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex (aka CWC aka CamSur), and just over the long holiday, I got the chance to join Camp Camsur and spend four days and three nights in what is, without a doubt, potentially the best venue for sport in the country. A production of Smart and Daylight to kick off the summer, this event focused on team sports that are quickly becoming extremely popular among Filipinos: soccer (I’ll use that name just to distinguish it from American football), ultimate, rugby, and flag football. (Sorry ballers, but there aren’t any basketball courts at CWC. Yet.)



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CamSur Watersports Water Complex


 The clinics were held over two days, and were conducted by some of the biggest names in the aforementioned sports.



 CamSur Watersports Water Complex



For football, the Azkal’s Nate Burkey and Kaya FC’s Jonah Romero taught the basics of passing, attacking, and included some juggling and games like a football variation of pin the tail on the donkey.



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For ultimate, Ping and Guila Bautista of Philippine Ultimate Association taught the fundamentals of throwing a disc properly from a backhand and forehand stance, and after doing some passing drills there was a quick game.



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For rugby, the Philippine Volcanoes’ Chris Hettel and Glenn Denton taught the various moves and formations, such as the cut wrap.


Flag Football was conducted by Manila Santos and Cassie Umali–also members of the Philippine Volcanoes, afterwards, a pick up game of football was played.



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The clinics were loads of fun, and the instructors are the best of the best. Not mere hired trainers, these people are avid practitioners of their sport as well as ambassadors for the sport and the country itself. I didn’t know until I met Ping and Guila Bautista that the Philippines’ Boracay Dragons rank among the top three in the world in beach ultimate.



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 The fields could have been in a lot better condition, and if the clinics were marketed better, perhaps there would have been a lot more attendees. Jason Malajacan, one of Daylight’s founders, says for the next Camp Camsur, they will include skateboarding, dodgeball, and basketball, will include a tournament for each sport and make a lot of improvements to the set up and format.


Last year, they held the first locally-hosted Ironman–the biggest tri-sport event in the world–at CWC. The Araw Awards and 22nd Philippine Ad Congress held here last year also further cemented CWC’s reputation as a world-class event venue, with its amazing staff, wake park, excellent accommodations and accessibility. Ever since CWC opened, flights have gone from once a week to seven flights a day!



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CamSur Watersports Water Complex



 There is a skate park, a massive inflatable playground, two wake parks; one for beginners and one for intermediates, and another lake for wakeboarding/waterskiing using a speedboat. Beginners have the option of trying the kneeboard or the wakeboard with slip-on straps or fastened bindings. The 3rd day of Camp Camsur saw the 1st ever Kicker Competition at CWC. Beginners tried their luck on the ramps, while advanced wakeboarders tried to outdo each other. Afterwards the pros put on a show. The video can be viewed below.



 CamSur Watersports Water Complex 



The lodging rates range from reasonable to pricey, and you can see them here. For those who’re more into sightseeing, there is the EcoVillage Eco-Tourism showcase within CWC, and if you want to go further out, there’s the Caramoan Peninsula, Lake Buhi, Hot Springs, Naga Shopping, Waterfalls, Gov’s island, and the chance to swim with whale sharks and dolphins. There’s so much to do here, and from the amount of space (it is easily 300 hectares) available, if the the local government continues with its vision of sports and recreation, they can easily become the action sports hub of Asia.


Who knows? The Philippines may just host the Olympics someday.


When In Manila, make sure you head on out to do some Camsur Watersports at the Camsur Water Complex! Best if you find Daylight Productions to see if they have any cool and AMAZING events like this Camp Camsur trip! They’ll be sure to take care of you and guarantee smiles and fun all around! 



Special thanks to  Daylight Productions for this Camp Camsur Watersports Trip!


This is part 1 of’s feature on Camp Camsur Watersports. See part 2 here soon.




CamSur Watersports Water Complex: Camp Camsur Summer Beach Party Extravaganza in Camarines Sur Philippines