Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) Review with SmartNet



When In Manila and you are looking for a budget but quality Android phone with Gingerbread onboard then Samsung got just the right thing for you. Behold the Samsung Galaxy Y, the latest entry level phone by with the cost of just 5,990 Php!





The Samsung Galaxy Y maybe easy on the pocket but the design is quite good. The edges of the phone are curved and is surrounded by a silver strip. The back plate has an etched design which is meant to reduce light scratches and oily smudges, plus it gives that premium feel to the phone. The back plate also have holes for the 2mp camera and speakers. Up front we have the square home button at the bottom center along the capacitive menu and back buttons which is standard on Android phones. On the left we have the volume rocker while on the right we have the power button, the top of the device hosts the micro-USB port along with the 3.5mm jack.


Performance and Battery Life

I must say that I am impressed with the processing power of the Samsung Galaxy Y which houses an 832Mhz processor on such a small body, with it applications were running quite well though not as fast as higher tiered devices like the Galaxy S or the Galaxy S2. The web browsing experience was also quite good, since it could render full websites very well… just don’t expect it to render script heavy sites like Facebook besides there is usually an app for those kinds of websites.

While using the Galaxy Y, I usually keep the Wi-Fi or 3G (for SmartNet) turned on, and yet the battery usually lasted me more than a day… Plus, I usually do some moderate browsing, email, social network and some daily phone stuff like texting and calls. So basically it could support everyday task without running out of juice + the fact that you could easily charge it via micro-USB is huge plus for those who spend a lot of time in the office.





The Samsung Galaxy Y has a 2MP camera capable of 1600×1200 resolutions. The camera is actually pretty good just don’t force it on places with low lighting. Here are some shots taken with the Galaxy Y’s camera. BTW the flower is misfocused and it’s totally my fault.


Smart offers the Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet, a service that connects your social networks and chat services into the the cloud so you could access them for FREE through the Smart network. With it you could update your Facebook profile, and chat with your friends via YM. Check below for NetPhone packages by Smart.










The Samsung Galaxy Y is a welcome addition to the growing entry level phones here in the Philippines, with just a cost for 5,990 Php (4,990 through Smart Rewards)… you could enjoy Android phone functionalities such as web browsing and social networking through applications. Samsung made a smart trade off of pixel density and screen size to improve the cost and user experience with the product, with that you could enjoy running applications and web browsing with ease but you would have to make do with a smaller / low res screen. For those who have fat fingers (myself included) you might experience a hard time pressing the keys accurately, no problem on landscape keyboard though. Overall, I would say it is a good value for a money and would recommend for those people on a budget but would like to have a smartphone.

So next time When In Manila check out your Smart Wireless Center for that tasty Gingerbread on the Samsung Galaxy Y.

UPDATE: SMART now offers the Samsung Galaxy Y for FREE


Smart NetPhone Packages – Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Website

Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) Review with SmartNet

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