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Samgyupsal Places to Try in the Philippines

For Filipinos, there’s probably one thing we love as much as rice: the promise of unlimited food.

From all-you-can-eat buffets to restaurants that offer bottomless drinks and unli-rice, Pinoys just love the sight of a table full of food. So, it’s really no surprise that samgyupsal remains to be among the most popular food trends in recent years.

Greatly influenced by Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, in the Philippines, “samgyup” has taken the country by storm – with Filipinos actively seeking out the best restaurants for their share of premium Korean-style meats and mouth-watering side dishes.

That being said, in this article, let’s talk about what samgyupsal is, how it was introduced in the Philippines, and why we have fallen in love with these samgyup restos and establishments.

The Samgyupsal Trend in the Philippines: How Did It Start?

For the uninitiated, samgyupsal is a type of Korean BBQ where diners grill their own meats on a tabletop grill.

The term “samgyupsal” is actually a combination of the words “samgyeop,” meaning “pork belly,” and “sal,” meaning “fat.” Together, they form the word “samgyupsal,” which refers to pork belly – one of the most popular meats used in Korean BBQ.

So, how did this trend start in the Philippines?

We can trace it back to 2003, when the first South Korean dramas began airing on local TV. These dramas quickly gained a following among Filipinos, with many of us getting hooked on the story lines, the fashion, and – most importantly – the food.

Contrary to the Filipino version of this Korean cuisine, samgyeopsal really refers to the type of meat grilled at the dinner table, instead of the open-flame cooking type prevalent in samgyupsal branches across the country.

So, What Exactly is Samgyeopsal?

Directly translated as “three-layered flesh” in English, “samgyeop-sal (삼겹살)” actually refers to the boneless cut of the pork belly that’s grilled or roasted, and the three layers include:

  • Thick inner meat
  • Fat
  • Soft outer layer of flesh

After grilling, samgyeopsal is then wrapped in fresh or pickled vegetables with a few thin slices of garlic. Because of their savory flavor, these meats are recommended to be eaten alongside soju, or a Korean distilled alcoholic beverage.

As far as terminologies go, the correct term for what we’re enjoying while cooking different types of meat over a grill or open flame is Korean barbecue or “Gogi-gui.”

Gogi-gui places in Korea offer a variety of meats, including marinated beef, beef short ribs, moksal, and buldak. These are served alongside side sauces and greens – much like how Filipino samgyupsal places work!

While the concept between the original Korean version is a bit different, this hasn’t stopped Filipinos from partaking in this new restaurant type. Its popularity, in fact, has made way for the creation of Korean-Filipino fusion that effectively combines Filipino cuisine with the distinct open-flame cooking style of Korean barbecue places.

Samgyupan: The First Filipino-Korean Samgyupsal Fusion in the South!

The first fusion restaurant, Samgyupan, actually offers classic Filipino dishes, such as Kare-Kare, Adobo, and Bulalo, but with a Korean twist. Imagine the sweet, irresistible flavor of Kare-Kare combined with the thin and tender meat of Samgyupsal – to die for!

Check out this review from January 31, 2020, written by April Fojas and photographed by Fudge Santos:

Just when you thought Samgyupsal couldn’t get any better, Samgyupan changes the game and brings you something you think would have come around sooner: A Filipino and Korean BBQ fusion. And trust me, you’re going to love it!


The Philippines loves to explore different cuisines and for the past years, KBBQ has been one of the hottest food trends in the country. You’d think someone would’ve thought to fuse Filipino food and KBBQ sooner. I’d like to think that grilling has become a part of our culture.

During get-togethers, ihaw is one of our go-to’s, which is probably why Samgyupsal restaurants have become such a bonding place for us Filipinos as well. Cause honestly, what brings people together more than our love for food?


From top to bottom: Chicken Inasal, Kare Kare Beef Samgyup, and Bulgogi


From top left, clockwise: Kamote Q, Fish Cake, Kimchi, Chicken Skin, Tokwa’t Baboy, Jaepchae, and Mungbean Salad


From top to bottom: Sizzling Bulalo, Pinoy Pork BBQ, and Salmon Belly

Here in Samgyupan, everything from the sides all the way to the varieties of meat that they serve pays homage to Filipino favorites such as their Pusit Bulgogi, Salmon Belly, their Sizzling Bulalo that includes bone marrow (putok batok, guys, for real!), and my personal favorite Kare Kare Beef Samgyup that will leave you craving for more!

They’ve also got more classic options such as Chicken Inasal, Inihaw na Liempo, Pinoy Pork BBQ and of course! Our Korean favorites as well! Classic Bulgogi, Samgyupsal, Woo Samgyup, and many more! They’ve got 16 varieties of meat all-in-all! And aside from the usual gochujang and sesame oil sauces to pair with your dishes, they even have atsuete sauce, suka, and toyo. So no matter what the dish is you’ve got all that you need to enjoy it.


Pusit Bulgogi


Salmon Belly


Salmon Belly


Kare Kare Beef Samgyup


Chicken Inasal


Pinoy Pork BBQ


And yes, I know, the meats are the main star of the show, but you have got to check out their sides too because they’re just as good! They’ve got Fish Cake, Tokwa’t Baboy, Chicken Skin, Kimchi Sinigang, Bulalo Soup, Japchae, and Kamote Q! (Aren’t the tiny kalderos a cute touch.)

The best part? You can enjoy all of these: unlimited!


Tokwa’t Baboy


Chicken Skin


Kamote Q


Just take a look at all these dishes, it’s got my mouth watering all over again. Their unli promo starts at a base price of Php349, making it one of the most affordable Samgyupsals out there.

And for the quality of the meat, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. It’s honestly such a great concept. The taste? Even better. It’s definitely something you should try if you want something different, and it’ll leave you craving for more. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, they’ve got unli milk tea too!


Looking forward to your next Samgyupsal get-together? You should definitely try Samgyupan next! Visit them at: 

Address: #90 Doña Solidad Ave., Betterliving, Parañaque City

Hours: 11:00am – 2:00am

Contact No.: 0917 563 9488

Facebook: Samgyupan Unli Filipino & Korean BBQ


So, now that we know how samgyupsal places started here in the country, let’s take a look at the popular restaurants known for their samgyup experience.

From expansive menus with varieties of meat cuts, a chockfull of side dishes, or an engaging or unforgettable dining experience, these restos offer a distinct touch on Korean BBQ. And with each one giving their customers a unique flavor, you’ll definitely find a favorite!

The Different Types of Samgyupsal Meat and Samgyup Side Dishes That You Can Expect

Korean barbecues typically offer various types of samgyup meat that customers can choose from. From sweet marinades to unmarinated cuts, customers can get their fair share of delicious meats, depending on their preferences.

Some of the most popular meat cuts offered by samgyupsal places across the country include beef bulgogi, spicy bulgogi, short ribs, pork belly, pork jowl, neck parts, and marinated chicken.

However, since the competition between samgyupsal places is now fiercer than ever, restaurants are starting to offer unique twists and more prized meats on their menu.

For example, Fantastic Baka, a Korean Barbecue restaurant in Diliman, Quezon City, offers their customers a whopping 11 types of meat.

These samgyupsal meats are conveniently divided into two categories: Fantastic Pork for pork lovers and Premium Beef for beef eaters. Served with a fine selection of fresh vegetables, delicious sauces, and classic Korean side dishes, Fantastic Baka’s samgyupsal meats will surely sate your craving for some premium food.

Here’s a review from November 19, 2019 by Gemma Casimsiman (words) and Caitlin Rodil (photos):

Fantastic Baka: The Samgyupsal with 11 Different Types of Meat for You to Enjoy!

In rare times of coinciding hunger and a full wallet, one sulit place to go to is a Korean BQQ restaurant. The sound of sizzling meat will make your mouth water even from miles away. However, there are times when eating the same thing can be quite… tiring. You want more flavors—better if they’re unheard of!

Lucky for you, I got to taste a whole new different plate. Fantastic Baka.

As you enter the restaurant, the staff greets you with a happy “Annyeonghaseyo!” as one of the waiters leads you to your seat. The interior is designed to look like a classic Korean setting with marbled tables and tiled walls, an elegant yet simple vibe.

Once you’re seated, there is a variety of meat to choose from. Their ‘Premium Beef’ consists of samgyup meats like:

  • Brisket Point,
  • Prime Chuck Eyeroll,
  • Hanging Tender,
  • Seasoned Plate,
  • and Spicy Bulgogi.

Each meat (most of it) can be seasoned with two kinds of seasoning: a simple season or flaming spicy! (Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy).

IMG 0018

Their Fantastic Pork also has a variety of: Belly, Jowl, Neck Part, and, of course, Bulgogi as well (Spicy or seasoned—up to you still!) My preference, if I may, is the thin belly! Quick to grill and easy to eat.

IMG 0031

IMG 0029

Let’s not forget the samgyup side dishes:

  • You can go with some classic rice or a bit of kimchi,
  • Denjang stew,
  • Jap-Chae,
  • Steamed egg (which, by the way, I couldn’t get enough of),
  • Coleslaw for a touch of veggies,
  • And stir-fried fish cake (It might sound fishy but it’s not! It’s honestly so good!)

IMG 0003

IMG 0004

Not to mention some fresh vegetables! The lettuce gives your meat a crunch.

Their sauces are also delicious, the cheese sauce, especially. It’s not like cheese you can typically find in the groceries. Instead, a bowl is placed on the grill to slowly melt the cheese while you eat.

IMG 0032

Most people would probably be concerned with the ventilation. But, Fantastic Baka makes sure it’s the least of your worries. The smoke doesn’t stick to your clothes so you still come out smelling fresh and non-meaty. Their staff changes the grill every once in a while without you having to ask! If you want a more private area, VIP rooms are available upstairs upon request.

IMG 0051

IMG 0049

To validate its authenticity, they mostly attract Korean customers, which says a lot about their food and service.

IMG 0058

Don’t miss out with what Fantastic Baka has to offer!


Grandia Building, Mother Ignacia st., Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
0917 132 1170

A close contender of Fantastic Baka, Premier the Samgyupsal doesn’t fall too far back when it comes to samgyupsal meat offerings – with nine types of meat on their menu and 14 samgyup side dishes on their list. However, the specific quality and type of meat they serve set them apart.

Here’s a review from June 21, 2019, by Jp Sium:

Premier the Samgyupsal: The KBBQ Place Offering 9 Meat Variants and 14 Side Dishes!

If there’s one thing that we didn’t let go back in 2018, it’s the KBBQ fad.

It’s already half a year into 2019, but people are still all over samgyeopsal – and who can blame us? The sight of meat being sizzled to perfection, the smell of KBBQ being roasted until it’s golden brown, and the mere thought of biting into its juicy tenders are enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

I personally haven’t tried many Korean barbeque restaurants, but I do enjoy them. Recently, I got to try Premier the Samgyupsal at Katipunan and I discovered some of their specialties that will keep me coming back for more: their aged meat and delicious assorted side dishes, for instance.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 4

If you’re an avid fan of samgyeopsal, you’ll definitely taste the quality difference of the samgyup meats served at Premier the Samgyupsal. It’s not as dry or as bland as you might expect—all because they make use of aged meat.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 44

Meat aging is the process of breaking down the meat’s fiber, which results in incredibly tender meat similar to the texture of premium steak.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 32

Due to the lengthy period needed to tenderize the meat thoroughly, it also develops a tastier profile, giving each bite deeper flavor and umami.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 17

That’s not all, either! The owners of this branch purposely select meat with abundant marbling, too. Marbling refers to the streaks of fats you see in the meat, which ensures a melt-in-your-mouth effect that most people love.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 13

There are nine samgyup meat variants at Premier the Samgyupsal.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 24

PremierTheSamgyupsal 25

PremierTheSamgyupsal 77

They have unlimited cheese, too!

At KBBQ joints, you get an unlimited serving of lettuce, kimchi, and potato marbles. However, Premier the Samgyupsal will spoil you with more than that.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 10

With a whopping number of 14 side dishes, you can enjoy your meat along with assorted appetizers until you drop. Here is their usual samgyup side dish list:

  1. Lettuce,
  2. Kimchi,
  3. Fish cake,
  4. Pork yangneom,
  5. Singkamas,
  6. Korean sausage,
  7. Sweet cucumber,
  8. Pink radish,
  9. Potato marble,
  10. Sweet potato,
  11. Sweet onion,
  12. Dubu jorim/tofu,
  13. Spicy jang/quail egg,
  14. And aehobak muchim/zucchini.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 59

PremierTheSamgyupsal 50 5cfd30d9cc4a3

I tried each of the side dishes, and the pork yangneom is my favorite. You probably won’t find this elsewhere because the owners of this branch personally added this to their menu! These pork cuts doused in creamy sweet and spicy sauce are the absolute best! In fact, this could be considered as a main meat variant!

PremierTheSamgyupsal 60

These are just some of the things I love about Premier the Samgyupsal’s Katipunan branch, but you might also appreciate the fact that they only use fresh ingredients sourced from the best suppliers (e.g. their lettuce is guaranteed to be grown in Benguet!). The same goes for their other ingredients, as well.

The ambiance of the place helped us enjoy the restaurant even more. It’s brightly-lit unlike the usual dim KBBQ places. This branch is located at The Pop Up, a trendy food park located along Katipunan Avenue. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but the cheery vibe of this branch makes it more enticing to eat at.

PremierTheSamgyupsal 9

I can only describe my experience and convince you with words, but let Premier the Samgyupsal at Katipunan do the talking. I am positive that you’ll say the same.

Premier the Samgyupsal

The Pop Up, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


If you’re not too keen on trying multiple types of samgyupsal meats and lean more toward getting premium cuts, Nak-Won at the ASEANA Town Center in Paranaque might be the better choice.

Here’s a review from October 9, 2018 by Matthew Mendiola (words) and Ian Esteves (photos):

Nak-Won: Traditional Korean Dishes and P499 Unli-Samgyupsal

If I could only eat one cuisine for the rest of my life, I really wouldn’t mind eating Korean food forever—especially if it’s samgyeopsal. And I know I’m not the only one who loves Korean food, which I’m guessing is the reason you clicked on this article in the first place.

Located near City of Dreams Manila, Nak-Won is a Korean restaurant you really must try. Nak-Won has you covered for your samgyupsal cravings and more. And for just P499 a head, you can have all the samgyupsal you want, plus sides. Yes, unlimited.


Aside from the unli-samgyupsal, Nak-Won also serves various traditional Korean dishes. Some of the dishes we had were:

  • Herb and duenjang samgyupsal (grilled marinated pork belly),
  • Yangnyumgalbi (marinated grilled short ribs),
  • Bowls of sundubu jogye (tofu stew),
  • Gyeran Jjim (steamed egg),
  • And tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cakes),
  • And an array of unlimited samgyup side dishes, including: sticky steamed rice, pickled cloves of garlic, radish, sweet marble potatoes, and of course, everyone’s favorite kimchi.


Unlike other samgyupsal grills that offer paper-thin slices of pork, Nak-Won serves generous cuts of premium pork. Their unli-samgyup promo is just like eating at a buffet, but better.


It’s always a fun experience grilling your own food, but it’s also nice to have some kitchen-prepared viands on the table as well.

And a Korean meal isn’t complete without some noodles, so we ordered a bowl of Jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup), which is sure to get a kick out of spicy food enthusiasts. Nak-Won serves one of the most delicious bowls of jjamppong I’ve ever tried—a pot full of mussels, squid, and vegetables swimming in red hot broth. But, be warned! The spice hits you straight in the throat, so it might be a good idea to have your soju ready.


If you don’t feel like cooking, they also have rice meals to choose from, but of course, nothing beats the grill.

Nak-Won offers a wide selection of a la carte meats, BBQ, and seafood. We got to try their LA galbi (LA-style marinated grilled short ribs). What can I say—I came for the samgyeopsal, but stayed for the beef. The meat was incredibly tender and every bite was mouth-watering goodness.


Need a Korean fix? Try out Nak-Won and check them out through their social media links below:


ASEANA Town Center, G/F Building E, Bradco Ave, Parañaque
Operating Hours: 12:00 PM – 3:00 AM
Contact: (0915) 432-16-35

As more and more samgyupsal open, chefs and restaurant owners are doing their best to offer their unique twists to this Korean food trend – from offering plant-based samgyupsal to incorporating wine and liquor into the meat cuts on their menu.

For vegans and vegetarians, it’s probably great news that there are now places that offer plant-based alternatives to Korean Barbecues!

Here is a truly unique “twist” on the samgyup experience, as reviewed by Vivien Del Valle on February 6, 2021:

The Sexy Kitchen by B: Here’s Where You Can Get Vegan Samgyupsal

Trying to eat healthier this year? It’s a great time to start getting into a plant-based diet because there are already so many options and alternatives! For one, you can try this new plant-based samgyupsal package from The Sexy Kitchen by B.

You read that right, you won’t even have to miss samgyupsal if you’ve just decided to be vegan!

The Sexy Kitchen by B is now offering vegan samgyupsal packages. The package features local and imported vegan “meat,” as well as delicious side dishes—all plant-based, of course! You can even have plant-based cheese added to your vegan samgyupsal package.

They even offer vegan wine to complete your meal!

You can try the delicious vegan meals and plant-based samgyupsal through dining in at their restaurant, or you can message them for deliveries.

Watch the video below to learn more:

The Sexy Kitchen by B

Speaking of wine, Gen Korean BBQ House has widened its menu offerings of unlimited steaks, seafood, bottomless wine, and 35 tender kinds of U.S. Premium Meats by offering red wine samgyupsal.

This unique samgyupsal flavor boasts wine-marinated meats, effectively incorporating the sweetness of wine into the savory flavors of grilled meat.

Here’s a review by Cathlyn Mae Botor (words) with Jezreel Colangoy and Matthew Gan (photos) from February 4, 2019:

Gen Korean BBQ House: Where You Can Experience Red Wine Samgyupsal

The year of the pig just got luckier! The samgyupsal craze gets hotter this Chinese New Year as Gen Korean BBQ House celebrates with a treat. Dine-in guests get to receive ang paos that allow them a chance to win FREE dinner coupons!

This Korean BBQ House is famous for their unlimited steaks, seafood, bottomless wine, and 35 tender kinds of U.S. premium meats. Just recently, they came up with a twist on their menu that will surely make you crave more. Aside from ensuring that they only offer high-class cuts of meat fresh from the U.S., they also added different samgyupsal flavors such as: Garlic, Spicy, Cajun, Hawaiian Bacon, Plain/Traditional Pork Belly, and of course, Red Wine.

Yes, you heard that right!


The Hawaiian Bacon is infused with the sweet marinate sauce of pineapple.

IMG 8287


The Cajun samgyupsal flavor is oozing with a variety of spices, salt, and cayenne pepper.


If you’re looking for the garlic aroma, you can, of course, opt for the smokey garlic flavor!


The Red Wine, on the other hand, complements the tenderness and juiciness of the pork belly


If you’re looking for something with a kick, try the Spicy Samgyupsal flavor


And of course, the sumptuous meal won’t be complete without the traditional and classy taste of their plain Samgyupsal

If you want to experience the premium taste of their Samgyupsal, Chinese New Year is a perfect day to make the best out of their dishes by maximizing their one lucky day pig-out promo! A surprise awaits you inside the ang pao you’ll receive upon dining at Gen Korean BBQ House!


IMG 8292

Check out their rates below:

Lunch Menu (Monday to Friday, 11 am to 2 pm):

  • PHP798+ with 24 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

Dinner Menu (Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 11 pm):

  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP1348+ with 35 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

Weekend Menu (Saturday to Sunday, 11 am to 11 pm)

  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP1348+ with 35 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

And here’s what you can get from their dinner coupons this Chinese New Year:

  • 5 + 2: 2 free meal for a group of 7
  • 4 + 1: 1 free meal for a group of 5
  • 2 free meal
  • 1 cocktail carafe


Lots of samgyupsal flavors await for you to mix and match! You can also try to dip your choice of samgyupsal with green tea salt and pepper, sesame oil, and their special cheddar cheese sauce. Don’t wait any longer! Satisfy your Samgyupsal cravings and celebrate the Chinese New Year at Gen Korean BBQ House!

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex
(02) 541-2766 / (+63) 917- 6218249
Instagram: @genkbbq_ph

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 11AM to 2PM for lunch / 5PM to 11PM for dinner
Weekends: 11AM to 12MN (whole day service, no closing breaks)

Samgyupsal is an Experience: Non-Traditional Samgyupsal Restaurant Designs are on Their Way to Your Homes

From the first samgyupsal restaurants that opened in the Philippines, we’ve probably witnessed the evolution of restaurant interiors for a better dining experience for all. We’ve seen samgyupsal restaurant designs incorporate flexible overhead vents to ensure that smoke and heat dissipate fast while cooking, and tabletop grills go from charcoal bases to butane grills for better cooking efficiency.

Today, outdoor samgyupsal places offer fresh air while cooking your meat cuts and breathtaking views to accompany your dining.

Initially published on May 4, 2022, here’s Vivien Del Valle’s review of a samgyup place that introduces a special restaurant design for those who love the Korean delicacy just as much as they love their idols:

Samgee Army: This BTS-Themed Samgyup Place is Perfect for Your Next ARMY Hangout

Heads up, ARMY! Can’t get enough of BTS? Looking for a new hangout spot where you and your fellow ARMYs can enjoy gushing over the international KPOP sensation? You’ll most definitely love this newly opened Korean BBQ spot.

samgee army 200641

Samgee Army is a Korean BBQ restaurant in Marikina that’s all about BTS! As soon as you step into their doors, you’ll be greeted by the BTS boys themselves! Well, at least the standee cut-out versions of themselves.

samgee army 200828

The second floor is where the dining area is. Of course, it’s also filled with all things BTS. One wall is covered with BTS photos, and there’s a huge TV where you can also enjoy watching their music videos for the duration of your meal. During the last BTS concert, they even held a live viewing event at Samgee Army!

samgee army 202720

samgee army 202700

You can also take IG-worthy photos with other BTS-inspired spots around the restaurant.

Samgee Army’s unlimited samgyupsal package starts at PHP 399 (Butter Set), but we highly recommend their Dynamite Set at PHP 499 which already includes unlimited pork, chicken, USDA beef, enoki beef, shrimp, and unlimited sides, too! They even have 13 different sides to enjoy—so sulit.

samgee army 202500

Just in case the unli Korean BBQ and sides just aren’t enough, you can also enjoy their ala carte Korean dishes and classic Pinoy bar chow. They serve platters of japchae, tteokbokki, Korean beef stew, soy garlic wings, sizzling cheesy corn, and sizzling sausage just to name a few! And believe me, these savory dishes are so good. These dishes are definitely worth adding to your unli samgyup set.

samgee army 203203

Planning to cap off the week here? They also offer alcohol as well as good vibes here at Samgee Army.

samgee army 203904

Even if you’re not a huge BTS fan, you’ll still definitely enjoy their unlimited meats, unlimited sides, and their mouthwatering Korean dishes. The people are also so welcoming and accommodating that you’ll enjoy every bit of your time at Samgee Army.

In case you still don’t have any food trip plans for the week, you should definitely check out Samgee Army. Don’t forget to bring your ARMY friends!

Samgee Army

61 Lopez Jaena Street, Tañong, Marikina

Open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM

But aside from innovative samgyupsal restaurant designs, restaurants are now offering deliveries to accommodate customers who would rather sate their samgyupsal cravings at home.

While samgyupsal deliveries have been around before, the demand for this type of dining started to boom during the pandemic – with numerous families asking for samgyupsal places to deliver their favorite meat cuts at home.

Written by Vivien Del Valle on March 4, 2019, here’s a review on how Pinoys can enjoy the samgyup experience in the comforts of their humble abode:

Samgyup sa Bahay: You Can Now Get Samgyupsal Delivered to Your Home!

When one craves of Korean barbecue (or samgyupsal), it’s not a craving so easily satisfied. Simply because there are a lot of things to consider before getting that “samgyupsal fix”. Is it worth going through traffic? There’s probably going to be a bit of waiting time if there are others having the same cravings as you. Imagine going home and having to go through traffic again while in a food coma.

These are the questions and considerations that will probably make you re-think your cravings. Fortunately, innovative minds thought of addressing all these concerns while getting you that samgyupsal experience.

samgyup sa bahay 7

Samgyup sa Bahay is a new delivery service that brings the whole Korean barbecue experience right to the comforts of your home! Yup, the whole samgyupsal experience.

Started just this February, Samgyup sa Bahay was the brainchild of 4 friends: Paolo Magsino, Janzen Magsino, Rogelio Ocampo, and Kim Lat. They share with that it really was just an idea they suddenly thought of after contemplating on starting a business for this year’s Valentine’s Day. And behold, they thought of bringing samgyupsal to their customers themselves.

samgyup sa bahay 1

When I say “the whole samgyupsal experience”, it’s literally what it is. They don’t deliver just the cooked meat with lettuce and sauces. They actually bring grills to your home! Complete with tabletop stoves and gas cans. Don’t worry, they’ll be the one to set it up, and they’ll teach you how to use it safely.

samgyup sa bahay 2

Samgyup sa Bahay brings you containers filled with pork and beef that are ready for grilling. Just fire up the grills and start cooking!

Aside from the meat, Samgyup sa Bahay also brings delicious sides for a tastier samgyupsal experience! These sides include kimchi, spicy tofu, sweet baby potatoes, cucumber, rice, and eggs! Believe me when I say every single one of their dishes was mouthwateringly good–especially the potatoes.

samgyup sa bahay 9

Worried about the clean up after? Samgyup sa Bahay also provides for the complete utensils that you’ll need: from plates, food tongs, to chopsticks! It’s all there. No need to worry about who’s going to wash the dishes after having great food. Samgyup sa Bahay will do it for you!

Aside from the complete set that they bring straight to your doorstep, their generous serving is also very remarkable! We already had our full for the night, yet we had meat leftover to last us for breakfast and lunch the next day. Their packages can generously feed more than the stated number of people.

samgyup sa bahay 10

Their packages start at PHP 999 for 2 people, with their biggest package at PHP 2,999 for 8 people. It’s great for chill get-togethers with friends and family where you want good food. But it’s also great for those normal days when you just want samgyupsal at home.

Sagmyup sa Bahay charges no delivery fee, but they currently only cater to the Cavite area and some parts of Southern Manila. But don’t fret! They may be delivering to the whole Metro Manila in a few months!

For a full (and filling) samgyupsal experience without any of the hassle–and without even stepping out of your home–Samgyup sa Bahay is the answer!

samgyup sa bahay 6

Samgyup sa Bahay

Currently delivering to Cavite and Southern Manila area

0997 218 4975 / 0947 200 1276

And taking a cue from the rising demand for samgyup deliveries, Romantic Baboy also started delivering ready-to-grill items for people stuck at home during the pandemic!

Published on April 29, 2020, KC Canlas writes about the experience:

Romantic Baboy: Samgyup at Home… Why Not?

The lockdown has gotten us craving for a lot of things.

More than a month into this enhanced community quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are probably drooling for some good old samgyupsal.

Well, now you can have samgyup at home whether you’re celebrating something or just cause because Romantic Baboy now delivers ready-to-grill items, according to their Facebook post.

romantic baboy delivery

They wrote:

Thank you for your overwhelming support! We are opening more slots for pickup of pre-ordered meats and side dishes?

Scheduled pickup dates (10am-3pm only):
April 29, 2020 (Wednesday),
May 1, 2020 (Friday)
May 3 (Sunday)from 10am-3pm only.

Order & Payment Cut-off
All orders should be confirmed and paid, before
8:30pm, a day before the pick up date.

Menu Availability
ALL items available except for April 29 (Wed)
     Spicy Beef – sold out
     Bulgogi and Galbi- very limited stocks only

romantic baboy delivery 1

?Pick-up/ Delivery through Grab/Lalamove will be
arranged and paid by the buyer.

? Only paid orders will be prepared. Available
modes of payment are Metrbank bank transfer and

? Check out below for available items and prices.

UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST ONLY! PM us for orders and details?


Now, if you don’t want to bother paying for the grilling equipment so you can enjoy samgyup at home, Sky Gavin writes about the key item you need. Originally published on May 2, 2021, here’s what you need to know about a Korean BBQ grill that you can buy:

You Can Enjoy Samgyup and Ramen at Home with This 2in1 Grill

If you love samgyupsal and ramen but can’t go out to your favourite Korean restaurant just yet, then this 2in1 grill from Shopee is the one you need.

Screen Shot 2021 05 02 at 4.28.39 PM

This cute pink multifunction electric hot pot and grill is perfect for cooking, roasting, stewing, grilling, boiling and even frying. You can enjoy your favorite noodles and grills all at the same time.


Though this multifunction grill and hot pot is ideal for your bbq cravings, this can also be used for your cheese raclette and different kinds of food.


The grill has an aluminum plate which is also non-stick making it the perfect gadget for home cooking. Non-stick also means easier cleaning. It also has visible tempered glass lid so you can see what you are cooking.

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The grill is good for 2pax and is perfect for date nights at home.

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What do you think? Are you ready to take the samgyup experience at home?

Is Samgyup Here to Stay in the Philippines?

Years have passed since the very first samgyupsal place in the Philippines opened, and we do not see a slowdown in the popularity of this dining experience.

In fact, its popularity is still at an all-time high, especially as restaurants learn how to better serve their customers through impressive cooking materials and take-home samgyupsal offerings, such as what Samgyup sa Bahay offers.

In addition, restaurants are just finding more twists and unique offerings to keep Pinoy “samgyupaholics” coming back for more!

From unique restaurant interior designs that are catered to K-Pop fans, like Samgee Army in Marikina, to the classic and unforgettable samgyup offerings of Samgyupsalamat and Yup, samgyupsal businesses are still enjoying their heyday in the Filipino culinary scene, and we’re not seeing it die down in the near future.

Do you have a favorite samgyupsal place in your hometown? Let us know, and maybe we’ll try the samgyup experience ourselves!