Saladbox: Unboxing Innovation for Men’s Grooming

Saladbox: Unboxing Innovation for Men’s Grooming

You must have felt the sun in Manila this summer. It was actually quite a disappointment for some men who hate the humidity that comes with the season. However, we dont really have to swim in our sweat during the summer; we can just enjoy it with the right skin care.

Saladbox was a god-send during the height and dawn of summer as they came out with a special Regatta box to suit our needs. You might be surprised that Regatta, a well-known clothing line, offers something besides clothes. They actually have grooming and styling products on offer, as well.

Saladbox, in general, refers to a quarterly subscription service that delivers grooming, health, tech, and style products to its members via airmail. In the average box, one will find samples (full-sized or travel-sized) of grooming products, like shaving aids and fragrances; tech products like mini-speakers and phone lenses; and style products like pocket squares, bow ties, tie clips, and cuff links. If you like one of the products, you can then opt to buy a full-sized version of it at the Saladbox Man Shop. Saladbox Man is a dapper gentlemans dream come true.

Check out what I got in my last Saladbox:

Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Men

My summer perked up with a good vibe of freshness everyday thanks to this.


Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection in Green Apple and Chocolate

Its not too common for men to use lip balm. However, lip balm with sunscreen during a dry-wind-hellish-atmosphere-at-noon is a very fortunate and discreet way to keep your lips moisturized without the girly feeling that comes with other types of lip balm. Plus, it comes in a Chocolate and Green Apple flavour, making it literally delicious to use. Swear!


25th Anniversary Limited Edition Charm Bracelet

The charm bracelet is like a do-what-you-want-with-me thing. You can wear it as an anklet or a bracelet (which is what it is originally supposed to be used as) or even use it as a keychain for your bag. Regardless of how you use it, though, you will surely love this summery accessory.

Special Edition Wooden Mirror and Comb

I always bring a small mirror and comb with me  to satisfy my inner Narcissus. Fortunately, Regatta’s Saladbox heard my plea for a new mirror and a  comb. But mind you, it’s not just a mirror. It’s a sturdy wooden mirror. Add the comb and you’ve got your grooming essentials for on the go. Keeping a mirror and comb  handy will always give you that added confidence of looking fresh, no matter how hot the sun might get. 

Sunblock Spray SPF70 UVA/UVB

Summer wouldn’t be summer, if not for the Mighty Sun’s extreme heat and added UVA/UVB. Thanks to Saladbox’s Sunblock Spray SPF70 UVA/UVA, I was able to live through the summer quite comfortably. This lightweight sunblock spray lived up to its purpose and made applying sunblock much easier because of its spray form, too. Genius, huh? 


If you need extra grooming beyond the summer, try out the quick 10-minute quality haircut at HQ Barbershop. You’ll definitely get blown away by their vacuum after your haircut. 

Sadly, summer is almost over, but I still can’t wait to see what Saladbox has in store for the rainy season this time. 






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Saladbox: Unboxing Innovation for Men’s Grooming


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