Salad Stoke: The Only Hangover Cure You Need in La Union

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San Juan, La Union is well-known for its waves that beginners, pros, and even non-surfers enjoy. However, it is also known for its surf culture, which has rapidly become popular with a lot of city dwellers. The moment you step into San Juan, you will really feel how chill the vibe is because of the people’s fashion and lifestyle.

From morning until sundown, you’ll see people paddling out and dancing with the waves. At night, they dance their hearts out to the music played by the awesome DJs of La Union. The next day, they’re all looking for hangover cures. The best answer? Salad Stoke!

Have you experienced a really bad hangover where you can’t eat anything the next day because you still feel like you’re gonna throw up anything you put in your mouth? I haven’t, but I know people who have, and you can probably image a hungover person’s face when you ask them what they want for breakfast. Without a single word, that face will tell you that they want something healthy to make it up to their overused bodies.

That’s when you can offer them Salad Stoke’s The Arya, a fresh smoothie with green apples, cucumber, mint, lemon, and honey. Can’t promise you anything; but from my personal experience with The Arya, I got energized in an instant. It’s worth a shot, so try it out!

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Although not known by many tourists, this humble salad stand hidden in an alley between Surfer’s Point Deck and Le Point Bar in Monaliza is a favorite among locals because of the quality of their food.

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I wasn’t particularly looking for a salad place when I found them; but, oh, that glorious moment when you find a salad place that actually serves decent salads at very affordable prices!

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Salad Stoke has a regular menu with classic salad choices like Kani Mango, Greek, and Asia Vinaigrette; but they also have a Freedom Salad option that allows you to build your own bowl of stoke! They also serve yogurts, parfaits, and smoothies perfect for your healthy bowl.

One of the best things about their salads (aside from the fact that they serve some of the best salads in the surf town) is that they make sure the salads are already mixed and easy to eat. Salad Stoke serves their salads in a wooden bowl and their smoothies with a bamboo straw as their way of lessening waste.

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Salad Stoke is the brainchild of sexy surfer sisters Wya and Willette Lorin. Most of the time, they take turns serving salads in-between surf sessions. I can’t help but admire both of them as they’re doing what they love while earning from it and they support each other when it comes to their passions – truly two women to look up to.

Salad Stoke

San Juan, La Union

0945 986 5234


Instagram: @saladstoke