Saab Magalona-Baccaro Shares Inspiring Skin Story

Empowering Filipinas to celebrate toughness from deep within, skin care science expert Physiogel went live on Facebook last April 17 for the first episode of Celebrating Strength in Softness: Strong Skin Stories with Physiogel, graced by celebrity momfluencer Saab Magalona-Baccaro.

Physiogel has always been passionate about celebrating strong, independent women who nurture their skins’ sensitive strength. Through this Facebook Live series, their strong skin stories will not only be heard but will be celebrated to inspire.

“Being soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered”, shared by host Bianca Valerio as she opens up the conversation. This powerful quote by author Yasmin Mogahed mirrors the reality about this duality – that it is not easy be both soft and strong. Sometimes, it even takes a lot of pressure and hardships to turn us into strong, precious diamonds.


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Inspiring more women to trust this process of becoming, Saab Magalona-Baccaro took us through her journey – from being self-critical to knowing how to “embrace our inner softness and see the good in others”.

Her mom influenced her to find strength in softness, referring to her as the “guiding star” that encouraged her to give selflessly. Through her example, Saab was able to go through a hard time in her life as a mother herself, as she recalls “smiling wide through all the pain, unwittingly becoming the source of comfort for everyone who also lost a piece of themselves when I lost my child”. This newfound courage guides her through the pressures of motherhood, transforming her into a shining role model to her kids, Pancho and Vito.

Hoping to share the lessons from her self-discovery, Saab encouraged the viewers to find confidence in their gentleness. “If kindness is at the core of everything you do, you will have nothing to be ashamed of. This confidence is where you will get your strength”, she added.

There is power in having strength beneath our softness, and the best way to start is by strengthening our skin with Physiogel. Its Biomimic Technology can help repair the skin’s moisture barrier to make it strong and soft with regular use. Start your skin-strengthening regimen with Physiogel, available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, and BeautyMNL.

More Strong Skin Stories from amazing, inspiring women are on the way. Be in the loop for the next episodes by following updates on Physiogel’s Facebook Page.

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