R’s Kitchen: Gourmet-Style Goodness Near You

When you glance upon a sign like this outside an establishment, your eyes will surely follow where the arrow points. You look at the place… wonder what makes it different from the others. Then, a subtle urge, much like a voice inside your head, seems to pull you in, calling your tastebuds to silently judge if it’s worth the visit. And then, you see the food on another customer’s table… and bam! You just can’t resist to try everything out.

Rs kitchen0

R’s Kitchen serves gourmet-style juicy stone-grilled burgers, succulent chicken wings and fries, which makes for a sure fun trip to the wondrous Foodville in Impeccable Avenue corner Affordable Drive.

With my food and travel buddies Armen and Louie, we were able to try out their bestsellers.. and as early as now, I’m already telling you: they are bestsellers for a reason.

R’s Kitchen’s Burgers

Rs kitchena

4. Morning Sunshine

Rs kitchen4

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then Morning Sunshine is the most important burger of breakfast. Loaded with a hundred grams of pure beef, egg, hash brown, bacon, and cheese, it’s a great and filling morning starter to brighten up your day. Quoting Armen, “Nag-bu-burst ‘yung texture.. and it matches.and I couldn’t agree more.


3. Chiz Charon Burger

Rs kitchen3

Who said chicharon only matches with a nice bottle of beer? R’s Kitchen has proven to me that chicharon goes well with bleu cheese, and it also goes well with pure beef patty. So, if you combine the three, it’s an overload of goodness in the palate. It’s the first time we were able to experience eating chicharon in a burger, but it surely hits the spot.


2. Viva Mexicana **our favorite**

Rs kitchen2b

I know a lot of people who’d put a lot (and I mean a lot) of hot sauce on pretty much any food they eat. And coming from my friends who are both avid fans of spicy food, Viva Mexicana took their attention to the next level. It’s not just about the spicy taste, but how refined the taste of ingredients and how well they blend together that make it a spectacular dish.


1. Cuban Fritas

Rs kitchen1

We definitely wouldn’t miss the no. 1 bestseller of R’s Kitchen, the Cuban Fritas. The unique aioli sauce, melted cheese and crunchy shoestring potatoes complement the stone-grilled beef patty, creating a tangy taste fit for the Filipino palates.

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