Royal House of Sulu Clarifies that Baron Geisler is Not a Datu of Sulu

The Royal House of Sulu has debunked the news being spread around regarding actor Baron Geisler being appointed a Datu of Sulu. On a Facebook post, the released an official statement to explain the illegitimacy of the royal title issued to Baron.


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“Please be informed that the recent issuance of a title to Philippine actor Mr. Baron Geisler was done by false pretenders who are not even recognized by the Philippine government. The Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo urges the public not to be [misled]. Mr. Geisler is NOT a Datu of Sulu,” they said in the caption.

The statement also reads:

“The ‘Royal Imperial Lupah Sug Islamic United Kingdom of Sulu and North Borneo‘ [led] by Mohammad Mamay Abdurajak and Helen Fatima Abdurajak, who are both commoners with no royal blood, is not even recognized by the Philippine government as one of the claimants to the Sultanate of Sulu.”

It was on Wednesday, September 11, when Baron shared on Instagram that he had been appointed the ambassador of peace and prosperity by Mohammad Mamay Abdurajak and Helen Fatima Abdurajak who Baron referred to as Raja and Queen respectively in the caption.

“This appointment is not about religion but bridging gaps amongst the Filipino people and by inspiring change through my past. By God’s grace I was restored. This serves as a blessing of peace and friendship. My mission is to promote the beauty and culture of our great nation and to encourage the youth to take pride in our heritage. Let us one day, do away with all the hate and resentment, forgive and be united for peace and lasting progress, for our future and the hope of humanity,” Baron said.

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