Rue Bourbon Bar / Pub Makati: Caramel Beer, Barbecue Ribs and a Whole Lot More

When in Manila and looking for a place to have a relaxing night cap with friends after a long day at work, RueBourbon in Makati might just be the place you’re looking for. Rue Bourbon at the fort has become pretty popular with the young professionals and college students alike, but now that Rue Bourbon has found a home in Metro Manila’s Central Business District, we might be seeing a lot of friendly competition between these two branches.


Rue Bourbon Makati opened its doors to the working (or should i say drinking?) public just two months ago but when I visited this place, it seemed that they’ve been in the area longer. I’m used to seeing pubs or clubs in Manila full on Wednesdays or Fridays so for a Tuesday night, the place was pretty full with only a few vacant tables left and that to me was a good sign already that the night and Rue Bourbon had a lot in store for us.

Now you may know Rue Bourbon for their drinks (more on that later on), but what you may not know is that for their second branch, Rue Bourbon decided to expand their food menu (does that mean people in Makati eat more than those at the fort?;)) and I must say that I was pretty excited with the eating part. The Salad was first on the table. We tried their Ancho ranch salad topped with blue cheese and fried shrimps and for those who are used to having their salad with chicken,  you may find that shrimps are actually a good and also healthy alternative. I’m also a fan of cheese and blue cheese are one of the top on my list (yes, i do have a “my favorite cheese” list, haha)  so you could say that I did enjoy the salad very much.


Ancho Rancho Salad – 17ophp (solo) 580php (Sharing)

Next up was the Bourbon barbecue ribs served with mashed potatoes, corn and carrots and a muffin, a complete meal on it’s own!  I’m big on potatoes but I’ll have to say that the mashed potatoes didn’t really impress me, neither did the muffin. Don’t get me wrong, because it wasn’t bad, but with really good ribs like the ones they served, it would’ve been nicer if the rest of the meal served on the same plate also held its own.  That being said, i thought the ribs were really good, the meat was so tender that it  fell right off the bone as soon as my knife sliced through it. See, the ribs,  I could definitely eat more of.

Bourbon Barbecue Ribs – PHP 295 (solo) 550php (sharing)



The blackened chicken with rice were next. It was chicken fillet with creamy whita sauce and served with a side of mayan salsa. While not being the most appealing to the eyes (because the ribs looked more beautiful), this, I would have to say, is going to be my perfect excuse for that next visit (this and a particular flavored beer).  The rice was mixed with their own spices, topped with perfectly grilled chicken fillet with just the right amount of cream sauce that helped enhance the flavor of the chicken, and all just went together like a beautiful harmony in my mouth. Too graphic? It was that good.


Blackened Chicken with Rice and Mayan Salsa 170php (solo) 330php (sharing)


I had to leave more room for the pizza and I was really glad that I did. We were given the sampler so we got to try all the flavors of their pizza and I’d have to say that I enjoyed all of it, enjoyed it too much that I ate about 5 slices (worry not! The diet will again resume tomorrow!) All flavors include chicken buffalo pizza, Meat overload, new orleans, Carnival and Garden Pizza.  If asked for my favorite, I’ll have to say that the New Orleans Pizza wins. It’s got bacon (really, need i say more?), garlic and parmesan.




What’s the best way to keep the food down? the drinks. Ah, the drinks. Rue Bourbon is popular for their drinks and now I finally know why. They don’t only cater to men who know their beers and drinks, they also cater to the women who would like to try drinks ranging from the popular  mojito’s, to their crazy-named shooters  and yes, even to plain good ‘ol beer. With a wide range of bar menu, you’d get excited as to which to try first and next, and next, and next. I was curious when i saw their caramel beer and knew that had to be a must-try. Ladies (or most ladies I know at least) are not too fond of beer,and I don’t blame them, so I knew I had to take one for the ladies and see if this would make me change my mind about this drink. And I’m happy to say that it did. Take it ice cold and it might be your new favorite drink too. The night that started out as dinner soon became a night of drinking. It would be a waste not to try what else they had. So we ordered one drink after another, mango jellow rum, strawberry jello rum, mango mojito, peach mojito, we even tried some of their shooters including one of their popular ones called gunpowder which was a 3-step shooter, the steps including, sip, sip and yes, another sip, of what you ask? When you’re drinking, sometimes, you just really don’t want to know. But if you really have to know, it’s got sambuca (liqueur),  Bacardi 151 (rum) and Cinnamon powder (yes, the ones that you find in your cupboards).  Sounds innocent enough? It really wasn’t.  My favorite part of the drinking session? The fact that I was the night’s designated driver. Call me a coward, I’d say it was a smart move bringing my sister with me, so yes, she did get to try the gunpowder. And yes, it hit her. Hard. She says she wished it went down smoother, and after all the drinks we’ve both had, I was just glad I didn’t have to down a hard drink like their gunpowder.



All in all I’d have to say we had an awesome night at Rue Bourbon. I’ve gone so far as to telling my friends that same night that we’ll go visit together sometime soon and with a bar list and menu like theirs, I don’t doubt “soon” is just around the corner.


Special thanks to part owners, Xialen and Dennis for hanging out with us and taking really good care of us too!


Rue Bourbon Bar / Pub Makati: Caramel Beer, Barbecue Ribs and a Whole Lot More

G/F Aguirre Bldg. 108 H.V. Dela Costa St. cor. Tordesillas St.,

Salcedo Village, Makati City

Tel No: 0917-9592549; 0922-4569992




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