The Rooftop: Your Barkada’s New Chill Out Place in Katipunan

Katipunan is not only surrounded by some of the country’s top schools, it is also filled with a number of homegrown restaurants, cafes, and bars. There’s this distinct charm within the avenue that makes you feel right at home. Just a tumble away from the busy avenue that is Katipunan, you can find yourself in one of the city’s newest and hippest rooftop bars.

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The Rooftop may be hard to find if you are not very familiar with the area; it has a hint of mystery that leaves its guests a bit more thrilled. Located at the top of the CCA Building, you can experience a one-of-a-kind bar.

According to The Rooftop, all of their furniture is either grabbed from some of the owners’ old houses, or is made out of recycled materials. Its airy atmosphere and “ancestral house” ambiance will make you feel welcome and relaxed. The laid-back vibe is what stands out, though; you can leave all the intimidations behind.

They serve drinks either by the glass or by the bottle. The quality of the ingredients used can be seen and tasted in their signature drinks.

Soju Yakult | Php100

My personal favorite among their mixed drinks is the Soju Yakult; the simplicity of the mix is what makes you want it more.

Pineapple Spritz | Php100

The Pineapple Spritz is the epitome of refreshing. This chill mix is perfect for Titos and Titas in the making.

***** | Php150

The strongest drink among the list is the *****, which translates to a Filipino curse word. Just a sip of the drink and you might actually end up saying it.

The other drinks include the Gin and Tonic, Lychee Mojito, Dark and Stormy, and the classic Rum Coke.

Gin and Tonic | Php80

Lychee Mojito | Php80

The Lychee Mojito is also a crowd favorite. Its light and fruity taste can be deceiving.

Dark and Stormy | Php100

The Dark and Stormy is a mixture of scotch, ginger ale, and lime.

Rum Coke | Php80

Of course, what is a bar without the classic Rum Coke? The Rooftop’s mixture is enhanced with orange and mint to add their own signature taste.

The Rooftop is the perfect place to reconnect with long lost souls or get to know new ones. You may even drop by just to take a breather and look at Manila from a different angle – a well-deserved break indeed!

The Rooftop

CCA Building, 40 Esteban Abada Street, Quezon City



Instagram: @therooftop.mnl


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