RockJaw Alfa Genus Wood In-Ear Earphones: Great Design, Good Versatility

How many times have you seen beautiful wooden in-ear earphones? Yes, there are dozens available, but have you found a pair that is both beautiful and unique in its own right against other wooden in-ear earphones? Wood almost always improves the sound due to the way it chambers and bounces sound. The unique thing about the RockJaw Alfa Genus is that it has 3 filters, each with a change to the core sound quality. Premium build, great design, and good looks? Let’s see how it performs.


Packaging/Build: The RockJaw Alfa Genus comes in a very attractively cool box. With windows on the front and back of the box, you can easily spot what you get and what’s included. The box is also durable and well-built aside from the nice design. Moving to the build quality of the RockJaw Alfa Genus itself, it’s made of wood and looks very sturdy against other wooden in-ear earphones. The filter nozzle and other end with the vent of the in-ear earphone is made with metal. Having the filter nozzle in metal is a great choice at it ensures the changeable filters to avoid any breakage or issues. The cable is also great being braided and without any microphonics when brushing against clothes. The build quality is really good and sleek.


Sound Quality: The Sound Quality varies depending on the 3 filters included, so it actually feels like buying 3 earphones for the price of one! Changing filters is easy as removing the in-ear tips and unscrewing and screwing the filters on. The silver filter is the stock filter, which I guess is the bass filter as it is V-shaped in tonality and the bass kicks really hard. The treble is there but with some roll-off, while the lower mids are slightly veiled. The bass is commandeering with good slam and a good extended decay which is great for EDM, hip-hop, and RnB. This silver bass filter is the fun side or should I say, the “dark side” of this filter. Pun intended.

Using the black reference filter isn’t so satisfying to my taste, to be honest, as the treble is too spiky. This gives some fatigue, especially on some tracks with cymbals being dominant or forward. Too piercing and lacks body on the mids and bass section.

The gold neutral filter however, is the cream of the crop. Tonality is between the black and silver filters delivering back the bass response without being overly dominant unlike the silver filter. Mids are clear and loses the veil, while also gaining more presence and detail. Treble is much smoother too. Sibilance of the peaky treble with the black reference filter is now gone along with some veil from the silver bass filter, although still slightly warm in presentation. The gold neutral filter is the best filter out of the 3 for me, having enough bass to satisfy bass heads, and also, giving enough detail and clarity for non-bass heads.


Overall: For the price of roughly around Php 3,300.00 (£49.99)  from the RockJaw website, it is a good in-ear earphone for versatility. It’s as if you bought 3 in-ear earphones in one! Easily switching filters to change the sound to your liking. As a company that is fairly fresh and new, it’s surprising how they can bring out wooden in-ear earphones with good versatility and capabilities. During days when I just want some fun with my music on the way to the gym, I kick in the silver bass filter and play some up-beat tracks to get hyped. When at home listening to some tracks and finding the details and clarity, I just slap on the gold neutral filter back. This is why the RockJaw Alfa Genus is so great. You should try it out, too! The RockJaw Alfa Genus can be purchased online from the RockJaw website. Shipping is free!


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