The Robert Kiyosaki Live In Manila With The Masters Of Wealth Experience

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So many Filipino entrepreneurs were excited about the recently held Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila with the Masters of Wealth last November 30. This 12-hour event brought in the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds that are willing to coach this generation. They also got a chance to offer the participants of this event special discounts on the upcoming trainings where they will share in-depth knowledge on how to prosper and be financially independent. In this article, I’ll be sharing my entire 12-hour experience with you, which, to most participants, is an important step away from financial incarceration and towards freedom and prosperity.

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The event was held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.

The amenities were top-notch. Parking was abundant. The venue itself was roomy – enough to comfortably fit 3 basketball courts including the bleachers. The washroom, which is one of my pet peeves, was well-maintained.

I got to the venue 30 minutes early and was surprised that the queue was not that long at the registration booths. There were 3 registration booths, each of which was managed by at least 3 people to keep the queuing time to a minimum and allow the participants to network more. I found it easy to navigate through the crowd, even though the venue was large and it would be easy to get lost in the sea of entrepreneurs, because the organizers placed a good number of ushers to guide any participant who may be looking to go to a certain place.

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The comfortable seats were also color-coded according to the ticket purchased. The organization of the event was well-thought out, including the date of the event which fell on a public holiday. This meant that traffic would be light for that day and commute to the venue was a breeze.

I took the LRT line 2 and then the MRT to Taft, which brought me close to the venue with a taxi to cap the last leg of the journey. Travel time was around 2 hours coming from Cainta, Rizal with plenty of time to spare on registration and refreshments. Lunch and refreshment stalls were aplenty and located at an adjacent area within the venue where the participating sponsors of the event also had their booths. Since food and drinks weare nearby, the breaks could be kept at a minimum and learning time at a maximum.

There was a raffle draw right after lunch where some winners won prizes from the sponsors. I didn’t witness the draw because I was too busy connecting with the sponsors to find out how they plan to make people’s lives better with their products and services. Silver ticket holders like myself were given a loot bag with the Collector’s Item Workbook and DVD Resources of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve watched the two DVDs included in the loot bag and all I can say is that my view of wealth and wealth creation has dramatically changed and I’ll be planning on taking action according to this new mindset.

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Robert Riopel, a top international trainer, started the event with great energy and enthusiasm, something which we should all practice every day. This high energy continued throughout the event as each speaker was introduced by Robert in a way that highlighted each speaker’s strength and expertise. The eight speakers brought in a heap of knowledge which they shared without reservation. I definitely enjoyed listening to them all. They added more optimism and positivity to my life as well as driving me to be a more active participant in the things which are important in life like faith, family, friends and finance.

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I was definitely drawn to Peng Joon, the leading authority in wealth creation online, who spoke about marketing online products as a way to achieve financial freedom. He spoke about the proven system which he developed and which his learners can copy to create a working online automated income generator for themselves within the span of his three day intensive seminar. He spoke of a 3-step process which will definitely bring success to any aspiring online enterprise.

Another was Mario Singh, Asia’s #1 Forex Coach, who is an expert in the money market. He’s been interviewed by the likes of CNBC and Bloomberg on his view of the present outlook and future direction of the money market. His insight on how to succeed in the money market really made its mark on me. He spoke about the best way to approach investing in the largest market there is. To start small and build fast. Something which many Filipinos dreaming of success can definitely consider. I’m definitely going to buy his books and explore the opportunity to dive into this lucrative market. He offers the right tools and insights which when correctly applied will bring you closer to financial freedom.

Other speakers include Bellum Tan, the CEO of Rich Dad’s Traning (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd. Richard Duncan, a best selling author and global economic specialist, who has frequently appeared on CNN, BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg. JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth coach, a media personality who has a radio show that has been on air for 7 years and now can be seen on CNBC, Forbes, BBC and many other TV and radio shows all around the world on a regular basis. Andrew Matthews, a masterful illustrator who explains complex issues in simple and fun ways through lightning-fast cartoons he draws while he’s speaking!

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Of course, Robert Kiyosaki, who received a standing ovation, did not miss my top 3 list. He talked about how financial education is more important than a college degree because the rules of money have changed since the 1970’s when the US Dollar’s Gold Standard was removed. This means that our economy is now based on debt, which has a huge implication on how we plan for our financial future. He also mentions that one or the best ways to learn is through simulation.

Which is why he developed the game CASHFLOW ® which teaches players how to get out of the rat race. I’ll be playing this game often to enhance my financial quotient and bring me closer to obtaining my financial goals. He also spoke of a dramatic change in the market in the very near future. Sadly, only a few will be prepared for this upheaval, says Robert, and the participants of this event are some of the few.

All of the speakers brought nuggets to share with the participants and of course I took extensive notes capturing important insights and financial advice which I will definitely implement starting today. The value and financial smarts gained through this event was absolutely more than what the participants paid for. This event absolutely stretched my peso.

I congratulate all the participants who made the right decision to invest their time and money on this very important and life-changing event.