ROAD TRIP: Take The Scenic Route To Tanay, Rizal

This year, I promised myself that I’d travel more. To be specific, I told myself that I would go and see what the Philippines, our own country, has to offer.

There is a tendency to take for granted places that are near and accessible to you. Rizal, for example, is a just a few hours drive from Metro Manila and I’ve always wanted to go! Yet, before this trip, I’ve only ever visited once.


When the the Philippine FJ Cruisers Club invited me to join a their road trip to Tanay, I said yes in a heartbeat.

Surely, this was my chance to see the beautiful province again and I was not disappointed. Watch:

The one day trip involved beautiful scenic views of the mountain side and a little off-roading adventure. There were even small rivers that we had to cross! The adrenaline filled drive culminated in a lunch picnic by water. Beautiful views with even better company.

The Philippine FJ Cruisers Club organizes regular drives like this in both near and far places in the country. They will also be having an FJ Summit this coming April (click here for more details).


(Read about my Bicol trip with the PFJCC HERE)

Here’s to more road trips and beautiful PH destinations! What place would you suggest I visit next?