Tara Let’s Go! (A Random Road Trip)

When in Manila you should board and experience this different kind of road trip—a RANDOM ROAD TRIP that is!

C360_2013-08-17-10-18-30-048Our airconditioned JEEPNEY ride! How cool is that?

Last August 17, me and my partner together with 15 other random people rode an airconditioned jeepney and explored random places for a day. I was excited and nervous at the same time as I don’t know what the organizers have planned for us. We were advised to just keep P500 in our pockets to pay for meals/entrance fees.

We got up early so we can be at Trinoma (our meeting place) by 7AM.

When we got to our meeting place, everyone was clueless as to where we are going. We all boarded the jeepney all excited and curious!

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Gian, one of the organizers


Everyone was given a Tara Let’s Go bag tag! 

Gian (together with his partner, Jeff) were our “tour guides” for the day. They are the organizers of Tara Let’s Go-Asia. They told us beforehand to keep an open-mind as we tour and travel around random places. No plans, no reservations. Gian also mentioned that this is somehow an educational trip, wherein you learn based on your experiences.

While on the jeepney, he made everyone guess where our destination was. Everyone gave their best guess. And one person got it right—BULACAN! I’ve never been to this place so I got all giddy as to what this place has to offer.

Our first stop was at Pinagrealan Cave in Bigti, Norzagaray.


With our (new found) Japanese friend (extreme left) 


Exploring the cave

The weather did not permit us to go inside the cave as there was a storm. So we just explored the entrance.


Pinagrealan Cave in Bigti, Norzagaray


Our improvised “umbrella” 

After our cave adventure, we went to see Ipo Dam and Angat Dam.


Angat Dam—Amazing scenery!


Angat Dam 

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