Road Emergency Ready with the RED Road Assistance Kit

When in Manila, you’ll never really know when trouble on the road can strike so make sure you’ve got these handy in the trunk of your car! I’ve had the Red Road Assistance Kit with me for months now, I thought it would be handy to have in my car trunk just in case I run into some road emergency.The road assistance kit comes with a booster cable, a tow cable, compact air compressor and a bag you can carry it all in. You can get yours too at any ACE hardware store, ACE Express, Robinson’s Handyman and all major hardware/car accessories outlets.




 Like some (or should i say most?) women, I know zero about cars. I can pop the hood fine, but the best I can do is stare blankly at the hood of my car wondering what exactly it is I’m supposed to be looking at. Which is exactly what I did when  I couldn’t get my car to start this morning.

I was pretty lucky that a) I was at home  and b) so was my husband. He reminded me about the road assistance kit that I had in my trunk so we took that out and we first used the Booster Cable to try and jump start the engine but after a few tires, that didn’t work. 





After trying to figure out what was wrong with the car, we just decided that the best thing to do was to bring the car to the shop and have it checked there. I wasn’t sure if the cable was strong enough to pull my car as the description read that it was best for light cars that were up to 1.5L engines while my car is a 1.6L engine but as I didn’t have any other towing rope with me, we didn’t really have a choice. It worked perfect! We got to bring the car to the shop without running into any more problems. We left the car at the shop for half a day and now have my car back!







I haven’t had the (mis)fortune of getting a flat tire but it’s good to know that I’ve got the air compressor on my road assistance kit too. So who knows, maybe soon I’ll get to write about getting a flat too. But really, here’s to hoping I never run into car troubles anytime soon!




When I got this kit, I didn’t really think I’d use it soon but thank goodness I’ve had it all along or else I would have gone to so much trouble just getting the car to the shop. So ladies (and gents too!), when in manila, for your own peace of mind and safety, I would strongly suggest you keep this handy in the trunk of your car, you’ll never know when you’ll need it. I was lucky that I was home when my car didn’t want to start, I might not be so lucky next time.



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