Rich Anon Leaves $100 Million ATM Receipt…So What?

An ordinary ATM receipt showing a not-so-ordinary sum of money was left lying around somewhere in an ATM Machine near Hamptons. What’s the fuss? It’s not like we’re talking Bronx here. I don’t understand why people make a big deal out of a $100 million account on an ATM receipt (which, When In Manila, amounts to Php 4.3 Billion). Yeah, it’s unusual but it’s not a supernatural phenomenon. Let’s accept that some people are just filthy rich.  You don’t have to analyze why that happened. Besides, there are a lot more news-worthy issues to talk about.

This is the problem with people nowadays. Instead of focusing on ways to make themselves more  productive, they talk about stuff like these and wallow on their miserable lives. So what if the rich guy happened to be David Tepper, a self-made billionaire? So what if he chose to open a HUGE account in Capital One Bank? So what if he only withdrew $400 when he could have even gone for 5- or 6-digit denominations? We don’t have to make a big deal out of each and every detail of this friggin’ receipt simply because WE DON’T HAVE TO. This just makes for an amusing incident but nothing to be taken seriously.

Whether the owner of this account is David Tepper or some other bigshot out there, bottomline is: these things happen in real life. Guy simply forgot to keep his receipt, or guy simply don’t care about it at all, end of discussion. Now moving on…


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