Residence Inn: A Dark, Eye-Opening, and Wild Tagaytay Trip for Halloween

Residence Inn: A Dark, Eye-Opening, and Wild Tagaytay Trip for Halloween


The darkest holiday of the year (besides not having a date during Valentine’s Day) is fast approaching. Yup, families and barkadas have already been planning out their activities this Halloween for a while now. Luckily, the Zoomanity Group, the largest operator of theme parks in the country, is providing new alternative experiences this Halloween until the Christmas season.

The Residence Inn, their first-ever establishment which is conveniently located at Tagaytay, is now offering a combination of  ‘dark’, eye-opening and wild experiences for families and barkadas to enjoy! You might ask “What’s so ‘dark’ and ‘eye-opening’ about a zoo?”. I’ll let you know in a while, but first, let me take you on a quick visual trip of the zoo itself!


Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween


Since it’s the spooky season and all, expect to see some webs, spider toys, pumpkins, more webs, and superhero mascots at Residence Inn, Tagaytay. And look, I immediately found two of them after entering the Residence Inn confines!


Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenExpect to see The Flash (who has a newly-launched series btw) and Spidey standing still somewhere at the entrance 

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenNear where Spidey was standing, we saw these two beautiful winged creatures 🙂 

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenDon’t know if he/she’s camera-shy or what. 

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenAlso, you’ll get to meet this cute fish specie at the exhibit room filled with fish, reptiles and arthropods.

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween Also, Mr. Tigger here is ready to meet you upon entering the zoo. You can take pictures with him, as well.

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenA Brazilian Red and White Tarantula

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenAn Albino Burmese Python 

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween…And here’s the rest of the gang 🙂