Residence Inn: A Dark, Eye-Opening, and Wild Tagaytay Trip for Halloween


Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween


BIIIIIRDS. There’s also this small room where you can step inside and be one with the birds! The procedure is simple: you just have to purchase P20 worth of pellets from the counter, place them inside your closed fist, step inside the room, open your palm, and voila, just let the birds flock to your hand!


Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween

You might also want to try going downhill with this very very steep set of steps. (I just decided to have a melancholic shot of me because #DramaEffects) 

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween♫ Cause what I got for you, I promise it’s a killer, you’ll be banging on my chest, bang bang, gorilla! ♫

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween

 Just met my ‘ohana’!


Zoomanity Group’s Eye-Opening and Dark Big “O”wesome October Specials

As part of their season-long festivities, the Zoomanity Group looks to offer something different all throughout their establishments for the coming months, including the Dinner in the Dark (Black Dinner) and Residence Inn’s Black Magic.


Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween


Dinner In the Dark

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenYes, this was all we saw for 1 hour while having dinner.


Want to know how it feels like to entirely lose your sense of sight? You should definitely catch the Zoomanity Group’s Dinner in the Dark. Itwas launched last October 18 during our visit to Residence Inn. At first, I thought we were simply going to eat at the Gazebo area while we watch a live dark magic show hahaha but I was wrong and it was actually way more than that. It was an eye-opening, one-of-a-kind experience where at least for an hour, one can put himself/herself in the shoes of a blind person by dining in TOTAL darkness (just refer to the image above to see what I mean) while blind persons assist.


Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenOur fellow guests being blindfolded on their way to the dining room.


The Dinner in the Dark is a great cause at the same time as the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines will be the one to benefit from the part of the event proceeds.


Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenPersonalities from the Zoomanity Group and the Eye Bank Foundation


I want to reserve my personal experience during the event, so you’ll also experience the element of surprise I got. There are only 4 Dinners In the Dark and the next ones will be available at the following dates at the following locations: November 1 at Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Pampanga and November 8 at Zoobic Safari in Subic; Residence Inn hosted the first last October 18 while the Misono Restaurant hosted the October 20 installment.


Black Magic

Now onto the spooky side of Residence Inn, you can also catch their Black Magic shows every Saturday, 6pm onwards, from October 25 to November 29, 2014 for just P199.


Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenThe October 18 crowd thirty minutes before the show 

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenMeet their versions of Frankenstein, a werewolf, Count Dracula, Sadako and other known Halloween celebrities! (Btw, there was even a part where they rode the cable car and the zip line as part of the performance 😮 ) 

Residence Inn Tagaytay HalloweenMore close encounters with them spooky ones 

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween

Residence Inn Tagaytay Halloween


There, that wraps up our trip to Residence Inn Tagaytay! If you’ll be at Tagaytay this coming Halloween or are planning to go there with your family or friends, make sure to book your day tour at Residence Inn to get a dark, eye-opening and wild experience!



Zoomanity Group

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Residence Inn: A Dark, Eye-Opening, and Wild Tagaytay Trip for Halloween