Reporter Sneaks In Taylor Swift Title Songs In Her News Report And Taylor Loves It

Well, that’s one way to show you’re a Swiftie while at work!

Reporter sneaks in Taylor Swift references

This local traffic reporter from Missouri in the United States just did a sneaky thing — she snuck in some Taylor Swift song title references into her traffic report, which did not go unnoticed by the queen of “Reputation” herself!

Laura Hettiger, who works at St. Louis’ KMOV station added quite the twist to her morning traffic report in honor of Taylor dropping her new album, Reputation, on Friday!

Laura dropped in some references such as having plenty of “blank space” on the road, and how she could have a “love story” with how light the traffic was on the road.

Apparently, Taylor’s relatives who live in the area notified the singer of this amusing report, and the 27-year-old pop star definitely had to give the proper shout out:

Really witty!

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