Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt – Where Robots Serve You Your Treats!

When in Manila, it’s now possible for robots to serve you your yogurt! With a few taps on a screen and a little customizing here and there with the flavour and topping options, Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt brings more than just serving yogurt. They opened their first pop-up booth in the country located at 3F The Block, SM North Edsa last September, and hopefully they’ll open more branches in the near future, as well.



Served by a Robot. 2 Yogurts, 2 Toppings.


Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt is the Newest Yogurt Joint at The Block

Having just eaten quite a hefty lunch, a good dessert always seals my meal. Being already in the area and due to hearing about the place just recently, I took my sister with me to Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt. We loved how the place was all mainly in pink and purple, and that the idea of a robot doing the actual yogurt service kicked an interest in our not-so-full and curious tummies. 


The chic and hip chill out area and main booth.


Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt: How to Activate your Robot 

We approached the Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt counter to ask how it works, and asked Ms. Paula for a quick tutorial before we tried the machine out ourselves.

1. First comes the payment of P125, and in exchange is a coupon that you’ll insert in a slot. (Think of it as a vending machine and arcade game hybrid.) Then, the touchscreen will start its program, notifying when you can start customizing your frozen yogurt.


2. Here’s the fun part! Basically the entire cup shall be in 4 layers: 1st and 3rd layers will be the frozen yogurt, and 2nd and 4th shall be the toppings. With the yogurt, options include vanilla, melon or a mix of both. For the toppings, you can choose from peanuts, sprinkles, muesli, chopped cashews, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate pieces, or you may go for no toppings, if you’d rather have it plain and simple.



Instructions for choosing the 1st yogurt and 1st topping. Repeat for the 2nd round.



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