Refresh Your Filipino Palate with Sisa Foods!

More than food that takes you somewhere new, there is something about the kind of food that takes you back to a comfortable and familiar place in your life, like your childhood. A fresh breeze and subtle rays of sunlight touching a bit of my skin as I sit down enjoying homemade food on a foggy countryside morning… that’s what I picture when I taste the delectable selections by SISA. Every now and then, it’s great to refresh the Filipino palate.

Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 5

SISA offers a variety of homemade goods, such as bagoong, gourmet tuyo, dulce de leche, and chili sauce. The brand is actually named after their mother Narcisa; but looking at the product names, there’s also a nod to Sisa from ‘Noli Me Tangere (the novel written by Jose Rizal).

The book describes Sisa as a mother who has undying love for her children; and as for this brand’s food, you can definitely tell that it is made with love! Their sole mission? To share good food from their table to yours!

Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 4

For people who love all things spicy, BaSILIo is for you. This sauce is jam-packed with chili goodness. With its explosive spiciness and straightforward natural chili flavor, it can add a kick to any roasted meat, porridge, and condiment.

Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 1

Bagoong ni Sisa is the first product released by SISA. It’s a homemade sauteed shrimp paste made with all natural ingredients. The organic taste is evident in the mild sweetness and texture of the bagoong. It’s a very versatile condiment perfect for a variety of dishes, and even for simple snacks. It’s best known for complementing sour green mangoes, though. I personally cannot stop eating it!

Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 6

So in Tuyo and He’s not that in Tuyo are both dried herring fish in olive oil. The difference merely lies in the more complex flavor and spices that So In Tuyo has! You can eat it as is, or get creative and cook it with pasta.

Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 3

There is nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth after a savory meal! The Leche Ang Sarap! Dulce de leche is a must-try. Mapapa leche ka talaga sa sarap! It has a brown toasty color that reminds me of coco jam, but it has the distinct milky flavor of leche flan. It is best paired with fluffy pinoy pandesal or puto’t kutsinta. 😀

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Refresh your Filipino palate with Bagoong ni Sisa 2

Share the warmth of home with these Filipino flavors your friends and family are sure to love!

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