Red Velvet Pandesal Exists, and It’s Baker ‘n Better Than Ever

For a time, red velvet was the in thing. There were red velvet cakes, cupcakes, crinkles… you name it! These desserts made their way into the hearts and stomachs of many, and their iconic bright red color is memorable to say the least.

In terms of composition, red velvet is actually just chocolate. So you might be wondering, what makes it so special? The way I see it, it’s the whole package. Take this chocolatey dessert, add some cream cheese, and dye the whole thing in a passionate color.

Now that’s special.

Beyond the many cakes and cupcakes to grace our Instagram feeds, there’s a new red velvet treat that just entered the playing field— the Red Velvet Pandesal.

Baker n Better Red Velvet Pandesal

Just look at that red color. Stunning, if you ask me.

Dyed in a passionate red hue, the Red Velvet Pandesal recently joined the roster of flavored pandesal with its predecessor being the ever-so-famous Ube and Cheese Pandesal. And get this: both pandesal flavors have a common denominator: cheese. If you’re a cheese lover such as myself, Baker ‘n Better is your best bet for these purple and red treats.

A home-based business that offers bread and pastries, Baker ‘n Better’s edge is that they claim not to compromise on quality despite their affordable price tag. While their current menu focuses primarily on bread, their name offers the possibility of many more baked varieties to come. For now, let’s take a step back and focus on their Red Velvet Pandesal.

Baker n Better 1

Baker n Better 2

Red Velvet Pandesal: A Review

Consistency-wise, Baker ‘n Better’s Red Velvet Pandesal is packed. Unlike most light and fluffy bread options from other brands; it’s dense, heavy, and very filling to boot. Don’t get me wrong, though. Their pandesal can be soft, too— just pop it in the oven for a few seconds to get it nice and warm.

Once you tear it open, you’re greeted with a slice of cheese in the center. Don’t expect this to ooze out, though. Baker ‘n Better wants to keep that chocolate and cheese balance in place, after all. The bread part has most of the chocolate flavors— the kind that isn’t too sweet— while the center has all of the salty, cheesy goodness.

Baker n Better Red Velvet Pandesal 2

Baker ‘n Better currently sells their Red Velvet Cheese Pandesal at Php150 for 10 pieces.

To get a taste, you can contact them via Viber, Facebook, or Instagram. And don’t worry your pretty little head. Baker ‘n Better makes sure to deliver your pandesal a day after your order is confirmed and paid for. Now that’s efficient!

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What other red velvet desserts have caught your eye lately?

Baker ‘n Better



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