Red Ginger at City of Dreams Manila Offers Tasty Bites For Hungry Fortune Hunters

Red Ginger at City of Dreams Manila Offers Tasty Bites For Hungry Fortune Hunters

Newly opened City of Dreams Manila offers plenty of choice when it comes to food, and during a recent tour of the facility we decided to get the City of Dreams Manila food reviews going with a quick visit to all day dining restaurant Red Ginger, a small food haven for hungry fortune hunters. 

Red-Ginger_City-Of_Dreams_Manila (4)Red Ginger restaurant at City of Dreams Manila

Situated above the main casino floor and right opposite the Poker area, Red Ginger is easy to find and welcomes guests with its open design and friendly staff. We opted for a quick lunch and chose a number of small dishes to try out the menu and get a first impression of dining, City of Dreams Manila style. 

Proceedings started with delicious Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls that were easy and super fresh on the palate. The Vietnamese Garlic Bread that followed formed a nice and cheesy addition for the other dishes we had ordered, all of which came with generous portions of rice. 

Red-Ginger_City-Of_Dreams_Manila (1)Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls and  Lemongrass & Forty Cloves of Garlic Chicken Wings

The Lemongrass & Forty Cloves of Garlic Chicken Wings were some of the nicest I’ve ever tried and have been added to my list of favorite wings in the city, while the 5oz Angus Beef Satay brought on different flavors that also went down pretty well.

Final highlight of our quick lunch was the Balinese Style Chicken thigh, which is definitely recommended. Packed with flavors, this dish really delivers and delights.

Red-Ginger_City-Of_Dreams_Manila (2)Vietnamese Garlic Bread and 5oz Angus Beef Satay

On the dessert front, we opted for what must surely be one of the richest chocolate cakes currently being served in Metro Manila. It’s a serious chunk of chocolate goodness that will challenge you and your dessert spoon to the limit. This isn’t just fluffy chocolate mousse you brush over twice and it’s gone. Oh no. This is an almost solid chocolate cake monster that will send your blood sugar levels into overdrive and your taste buds into party mode. Whoever the pâtissier behind this creation is, he or she isn’t taking prisoners. Definitely one to try! 

Red-Ginger_City-Of_Dreams_Manila (3)A top candidate for the meanest chocolate cake in Metro Manila.

Red Ginger is probably aimed at hungry casino visitors, but is certainly worth a visit even if you’re not into chasing your luck at the tables. Price wise it’s definitely not the cheapest, but the quality was good and the food very fresh and well prepared. This, paired with its setting at the center of this $1.13 billion entertainment complex somewhat explains the price point. For the chocolate cake alone, Red Ginger is definitely worth a try if you’re at City of Dreams Manila and looking for somewhere to eat. 

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Red Ginger at City of Dreams Manila Offers Tasty Bites For Hungry Fortune Hunters