Readers Share Their Funniest “No-Tissue” Stories

Let’s be honest: there are moments when we’re on the go or traveling, and we’re just caught in really awkward situations. Just how inconvenient is it to not have something right when you really need it?

When In Manila, we asked our readers about the most embarrassing or hilarious moments when they needed tissue the most. These people bravely shared their no-tissue stories, just when they needed it the most:


6. May pahabol pa si Manong

I was in high school. Nakasakay ako sa jeep at 5:30 am, and medyo nakalabas ‘yung left arm ko sa window, but very slight lang. Then may kasalubong yung jeep na truck, which was so much taller. The truck driver spat out some phlegmy stuff and it landed on my arm. O.m.g. i almost cried. Nakatitig lang ako sa phlegm for a while because i didn’t know what to do. – Athena, 22


5. That sneaky taxi ride

When my daughter was still a baby, nasa cab kami and I guess nagmove yung diaper niya to the side, ‘coz next thing I know basa na yung seats nung cab with her pee. Wala akong tissue and I didn’t know how to tell the driver my baby peed on his seats so I just hoped na magdry siya before he got another passenger. – Anne, 30


4. Nadala kay Oppa

I was in school waiting for my next class, and to pass the time, I caught up with my favorite K-Drama show on my iPad sa hallway. Sakto, dumating siya sa super nakakaiyak na scene. I was trying my best not to cry kasi medyo nakakahiya, but apparently I got so carried away humagulgol na lang ako bigla. Hahaha! Medyo walang poise lang na nagpupunas ako ng uhog gamit t-shirt ko. I just came from a bad breakup, okay?! Don’t judge. – Jillian, 19

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3. Alone in the wild

[This was a] memorable experience during HS days. Nag-overnight hike and camping kami sa Mt. Makiling. We all have to do our “morning ritual” but since we didn’t have tissue, pwede na ang MALAKING dahon sa kakahuyan, hahaha! – Lee, 25

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2. The Good Samaritan

While inside the CR, sumisigaw ako if there was anyone sa labas who has tissue. luckily, merong mabuting tao who handed me a pack of tissue. Paglabas ko sa CR wala nang tao. – Mary, 27


1. 3, 2, 1… TAKPOO!!!!!

For runners, the urge to go to the toilet is called “takpoo”. Race organizers provide portalets along the race routes but are not as convenient as should be. When I have the need to release my much awaited “takpoo”, I desperately look for the nearest convenience store to buy tissue and have no choice but to use these portalets. After i have released my “tak-poo” I got to enjoy my last push to the finish line, worry-free. – Jhay-Ann, 35


While these experiences make for funny memories afterward, they can really be mortifying and a hassle. Whatever you come across in your daily routine, you need to be prepared with the right arsenal. After all, you never know what can happen throughout the day! For worry-free moments, Sanicare is your best friend. They’ve got a wide range of travel-friendly hygiene products for your needs, made out of 100% virgin pulp so they’re gentle enough on the skin!

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Our tip? Go for their Handipack tissues, with 3-ply tissues that are chlorine-free, and their alcohol and paraben-free Cleansing Wipes, enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E! Travel pro-tip: Iffy to sit on that restroom toilet? They’ve got Toilet Seat Covers too, so you can reduce the passing of germs and bacteria while using public restrooms.

What are your funniest no-tissue stories?

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