READ: UAAP Volleyball player Wewe Medina and Vice Ganda’s Twitter convo exchange!

Is something growling between a UST volleyball player and a famous comedian in the country?

Tweet exchanges between Thomasian Wewe Medina and It’s Showtime host and comedian Vice Ganda have been making rounds on social media.

This is what we know so far.

It all started when the student-athlete greeted Viceral hello. The latter, responded.

It’s all friendly flirting that transitioned from jokes, until….

… a challenge has been proposed!

Is this a subtle joke? Or is Viceral serious? We don’t actually know for sure! :P

Their conversation about falling and catching may have been about relationships, until Medina, being a volleyball player, put his sport into play – pun intended.

But the game of volleyball bounces back to the game of love!

Medina here asks Viceral if the latter is what the former is holding? The medal? The trophy? We know for sure that both are prized possessions. ;)

The conversation ends with Medina assuring Viceral that whatever he cares about is something he’ll surely take care of.

We wonder what the real deal is between the two of them, but as of writing, nothing has been confirmed!

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