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After studying Multimedia Arts in college and learning about almost all kinds of art, Justin Luke Remalante found his passion in one of the art forms that was not taught in school.

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He studied and practiced making vector art all by himself and sometimes with the help of his dad. He was so passionate about it that he makes around 5 pieces per day. Ever since then, Justin kept on developing his skill and started to make a full time job out of it. He is a work from home artist and with the laptop that his sister has lent him, he aims to save up in order to buy his own desktop soon.

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During the beginning of his career, he shared with us in an interview that he was confused with his art style. It was not until last year that he developed his own by incorporating warped lines and quotes in his pieces.

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According to Justin, his photographer friends encourage and inspire him to do art. He often asks permission from them if he can create vector versions of their shots.

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However, his main source of inspiration are the artworks in Berlin Artparasite and hopes to have the courage to submit some of his pieces there someday. He also finds bloggers inspiring – Camie Juan being his favorite. “Local music artists like Jess Connelly, BP Valenzuela, Reese Lansangan, etc. influence me too because of their great music. I think for me, making an artwork for them is one of the best ways to support them.

, Justin added.

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As of now, he offers single portraits for only 1,000 pesos so that everyone can afford and have their own art. He’s planning to increase his rates by the end of the year.

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“Always believe in yourself when it comes to art and photography. Eventually, you’ll find your own art style. Just keep on searching for inspirations but please, don’t try to steal their own style. Always support other artists too and not bring them down. We don’t make art for free.”, Justin shared.

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May Justin and his art empower other aspiring artists out there to pursue their passions.

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