READ: The Spider-verse is about to get a lot more girl power

We’ve already talked about the world of “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse” is going to continue being built, but it was still very vague. When news broke, it was mostly based on rumors or limited information. But Amy Pascal, Sony producer, recently broke her silence on the possible new franchise.

Previously released information outlined two new movies to be included in the Spider-verse. There were mentions of an “Into the Spider-verse” sequel as well as an all-female spin-off. The latter had no specifics or even any sure characters in the cast. That recently changed.

First things first, the spin-off was confirmed to center around Gwen Stacy or Spider-Gwen. Before her solo movie though, she makes a return in the “Into the Spider-verse” sequel, with it even being packaged as a “Gwen and Miles adventure.”

It was announced on Variety that this spin-off would largely rely on the sequel as a foundation for the extended universe. This ‘all-female’ movie would feature Silk (Cindy Moon) and Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), too. Other unconfirmed, but widely talked about, appearances include Madame Web and Spider-girl.

Speaking of Silk — another popular report is that this hero is bound to get a solo film soon. And it won’t be another animated project but a live action movie.

The future of Sony truly is female. Pascal even states: “I think it’s great that we’re going to be able to tell movies about female superheroes in this realm, and in the live-action realm as well because I believe that there are going to be characters that really resonate for people. They’re funny and quirky and different, and heroic in all kinds of different ways that the only animation allows you to do.”

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