READ: Netizen Shares 911 Experience and Hopes Everyone is Aware It’s Working

The 911 service has been known in the mainstream as fast, efficient, and a reliable emergency service provider. Even after its debut here in Manila, positive stories emerged on and offline. In fact, another touching story was shared on Facebook recently. The story was posted on Pinoy OFW sa Buong Mundo Facebook page but was originally uploaded by Bella Carran. Read the full story below and you’d be surprised with her revelation.

As stated by Bella, she and her husband came from Batangas when they came across a woman (with a young girl) at Robinsons Galleria. She later described them as mom and daughter. According to her, the mom looked pale, crying, and having a hard time breathing.

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Photo by: Bella Caraan

Bella asked the lady for further information, however, the woman was too weak to respond. Moreover, her daughter couldn’t give any vital information as well, except for uttering her name “Maria.” Bella said she wasn’t sure if that’s the little girl’s name or the mom’s. Clueless yet eager to help, she dialed 911 and thankfully, the responders arrived in “less than 30 minutes.”

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As mentioned in the caption, the responders gave the woman an initial medical aid and eventually brought to the hospital.

911 netizen

Netizen Asks Media to Help Spread Awareness

What shocked Bella most was the fact the people around them weren’t aware (or don’t believe) that 911 works! She said in vernacular:

“marami ang nakapalibot at nakiusyuso kay ate, nung nagdial ako 911 may isa dun na nagtatanong if totoo ba dw ang 911 at kung gumagana na ito, natuwa sila ng may sumagot at lalo na nung may nagrescue na sa mag ina.”

(Rough translation: People around us aren’t aware the 911 works. So, they were happy to know that someone picked up the phone and rescued the mom and daughter.)

Here’s the full caption:

Sharing my 911 experience : Naglalakad kami ng asawa ko pauwi ng bahay, mga mag 12 midnight na yun galing kme Batangas bumaba kami sa may malapit Robinson Galleria ng makita namin ito mag ina, umiiyak yung babae at hirap mkpagsalita at huminga, di rin sya mkagalaw at naka tingala lng, namumutla at tumutulo luha, naririnig ko bumubulong sya na tulungan sya at yung anak daw nya, tintanong ko si ate kung anu pkrmdm nya pero di na sya mkpagsalita tlga, tinanong ko yung bata kung may ksma na kmganak wala dw at wla din sya tatay, wala na maiprovide na info yung bata maliban sa name na sinsbi nya na “Maria”. Nagdecide na ko tmwag sa 911 to ask for assistance, after a few seconds may kausap na ko agent na nagassist sa concern ni ate, after less than 30 minutes dumating na medics, mga 7 sila na pumunta dun para bigyan response si ate, sinakay na sya ambulance kasama anak nya para dalhin sa Ospital! Sana ang media tulungan bigyan ng awareness ang ordinaryong tao na may ganto na tayong serbisyo, marami ang nakapalibot at nakiusyuso kay ate, nung nagdial ako 911 may isa dun na nagtatanong if totoo ba dw ang 911 at kung gumagana na ito, natuwa sila ng may sumagot at lalo na nung may nagrescue na sa mag ina.
#kudos911team at MMDA

Here are some of our articles that prove 911 is working:

  1. Filipinos Can Start Dialing “911” or 8888 starting August 1 2016
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On a quick online chat with Bella, she shared that she was a victim of a hit and run before, and only bystanders helped her. Hence, she paid it forward by helping someone in need.

UPDATE: According to Bella, the woman’s name is “Jennifer.” Jennifer is a single mom and lives in Taytay. Bella also relayed that Jennifer might have been so depressed and stressed out by the fact that her brother died due to a motorcycle accident last month.

Ultimately, from 117, the emergency hotline will now be 911. For citizen complaints and/or reporting abuses in and by government offices, you may call 8888.


Please be aware that prank calls on 911 can get you arrested and apparently can trace you, too!

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