READ: Netizen reflects on this captured traffic situation in Quezon City

Most recently, a netizen was able to capture the long queue in a terminal in Pasay City where he regards it as a scenario he faces every day, even after rush hour. We were able to come across the same message from another netizen, this time in Quezon City – buses outside of their lanes, causing traffic.

Not exactly a pleasant sight to see, right? Traffic can drain you out for the rest of the day and for Kirby Salonga, he’s tired of the country lacking discipline – the traffic situation, for this case.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Salonga for further details.

It was just a normal day, commute home from school, then as I got down from my usual stop, I saw a long line of cars along EDSA Southbound especially on the U-Turn slot near Trinoma. I walked further then saw that these buses and cars and people piling up on the road was one of the causes of the build up.

I captioned the photo that way because really, it starts within ourselves. The common reactions I got from that tweet were, “Exactly!”, or “Filipinos wanting change but can’t change things within themselves.”

Salonga acknowledges the fact that other than “plenty” of discipline,¬† he believes it also needs “better transportation and infrastructure schemes, proper enforcement of rule and law”.

For me, it all boils down to the persons in the country. Kailangan kasi natin ng tamang pananaw sa mga bagay bagay para makagawa tayo ng aksyon para masolusyunan yung mga problema. (We need the right vision/mindset towards things so that we can take action in giving solutions to problems). Some people are just too clouded by the fact that we have to get home, we have to get to work ASAP we have to earn money for our families that they are forced to do such things. When in reality, all the problems we are facing right now stems from poor management, bad economy, corrupt leaders, and the like.

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