LOOK: Netizen shares photos of the daily commute life in Manila

Public transportation in the Philippines could be absolutely exhausting. The waiting game is the hardest part of it all, and the sweet victory of finally being able to hop on and get a ride could be a huge relief, especially after a long day at work.

Voltaire Nikolai Bernardo, a daily commuter, shared one of his daily struggles in trying to get on public utility vehicles going to Cavite. He remarked that these residents are “very patient”, and we’d have to agree! Look at those lines! It can get equally frustrating to wait that long, but we all want to get to our respective destinations ASAP right?

Bernardo tells WHEN IN MANILA that by uploading the photo, he wishes that the issue can “reach those who can help fix the problem”.

This photo was taken around 8:30 pm in a terminal in Pasay – it’s actually later than [the usual] rush hour. Normally, lines and commuters are lesser around that time but lately, lines are getting longer.”

Other than Bernardo’s most recent photo, he also documented and different days of his commute which sadly shows the same outcome of commuting – mass lines, jam-packed like sardines.

“Some of these photos are taken weeks apart – I just wanted to show how consistent the situation is,” Bernardo tells WHEN IN MANILA.

At times like this, Bernardo thinks about the amount of time commuters waste waiting in line that could’ve been spent on better matters such as spending time with family.

“I think traffic and commute issues are all over the metro. We all experience different kinds of hassles, all the same. Makakatapos ka ng isang KDrama sa daily na pila mo (you’ll be able to finish one KDrama with the kind of line you line up for daily),” he jokes.

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