READ: Maintain Your Pet’s Instagram Account With These Pawsome Tips

Did you know that some pets on Instagram have 20x followers than an average hooman?

Yup, that’s right. Pets generally have huge fan base online.

So, if you’re planning to put up an Instagram account for your dog, cat or even sugar glider, here are some tips that will help you out. We asked pawrents of famous IG pet celebrities on how they maintain their accounts and we’ll gladly share them with you below.

6. Lexie, Allie and Erika

“Always take photos and your photos must have stories. When taking photos, go down on your pet’s level. Post everyday but don’t over-post. Do videos. Comment on other people’s feed. Make sure its for fun, and not work.”



5. Churro and Toffee

“It’s important that you post everyday or every other day (just don’t flood the account) and know what your followers want to see. I noticed that they like me posting when Churro and Toffee are doing tricks, or they always request for more instastories of what they’re doing and even a live video. Right now, I’m still trying to improve the quality of the photos and videos I post for them to appreciate it more. It’s hard because pets don’t like being photographed so I always prepare treats.”


4. Judge, Judy, Justice and Jury

“I try to maintain a good relationship with my Instagram friends. I also try to post a maximum of twice a day as not to flood my followers’ accounts and also try to time the posts.”



3. Willow

“As much as possible, we like to bring Willow out to socialize and play. So we like to fill her Instagram account with photos and memories of her having fun.”

2. Carey

“I think consistency and style. Building a brand for your pup. The types of clothes she’ll wear, the style of post you wanna make, the color and texture that will remind people the name of the dog. Finding what will make your dog stand out from the rest of the pack. I think giving your dog a personality also. Because honestly, if same breed sila, they could look the same. But giving your followers a feel of knowing that it’s you when they browse up and down on Instagram and they would know it’s you.”


1. Khaleesi, Raven, Bart and Harlequinn

“Take time in taking quality photos. Have a time schedule in posting. I usually post around 7:00 PM para kita ng people from Pacific area and US area. Hashtags are everything. Find your niche and make your photos more interesting. Like for example, Khalee’s account is pet-fashion as Tweetie the Golden or Lexie and Allie is to pet-travel. Interact with other pet owners. And lastly, don’t do it just because you want fame or whatever for your dog.”


Hope you guys learned a thing or two today.

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