READ: A man dumped dirt on his girlfriend with a tractor

It is unclear whether or not this was a case of a bad break up or a misunderstanding but this man from Florida reportedly dumped a ton of dirt on his girlfriend with a tractor.

According to ABC News, this man actually used a front-end loader (yes, the big tractor machine that is used in construction to move aside or load materials or ground) to dump a large pile of dirt on a car while his girlfriend was inside the vehicle.

A 20-year-old named Hunter Mills was accused of felony criminal mischief by the Okaloosa County Sheriff even if his girlfriend left unharmed.

Apparently, Mill’s girlfriend was invited over by the field as they were supposedly going to talk. He and his girlfriend talked at a dirt pit in Crestview, Florida where the guy worked.

The sheriff’s office shared that the girl was riding a white sedan that someone else owns and when she was already there, Mills asked her a question. After asking his question, he used the front-end loader in order to dump an enormous amount of dirt on top of the car while his girl was inside.

Officials have not further discussed any other detail despite this. The sheriff’s offices have already posted on social media displaying the dirt that was dumped on top of the car.

Have you experienced a bad break up yourself?

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