14 People Share the Most Savage Way Someone Broke Up with Them

Breakups are hard. There’s no doubt about it. However, there are times when breakups go the extra mile into savage territory. Remember when Ted Mosby (‘How I Met Your Mother’) broke up with his girlfriend… on her birthday… over the phone… on her answering machine… and everyone at her surprise party heard it before she walked in? And then he dated her again and broke up with her again on her birthday?

We asked 14 people to share the most savage way someone broke up with them and here are our favorite savage stories:

14 People Share the Most Savage Way Someone Broke Up with Them

14. An Oldie but a Goodie

“I can’t see a future with you when I grow old.” Ayan. Savage line. – Anonymous

13. Ghosting before ghosting was a thing

It was in 2006 and ghosting was not even a coined term yet but that’s what he did. He just stopped taking my calls and answering my texts. – Dana

12. The Gold Digger

Okay. So we were going on a date. Then she was making lambing and all. Then I bought her some makeup, lipstick. We went for a movie and all. Typical date scenario. (The makeup wasn’t cheap either). Next day: “Thank you but I think we should remove the labels and just be friends. We are better that way.” Boom, gamit. – Anonymous

11. When you hear it from someone else

Yung nalaman mo na lang sa ibang tao na break na pala kayo… – Jamie Fajardo

10. The Business-Minded One

My ex of almost 3 years broke up with me through SMS and then after some years, I found out she sold my stuff which I lent her. Shaaaame. – Reg

9. Yung ginawa ka pang Third Wheel

We were dating for a bit then he disappeared for about two months and I got worried and when he started responding again, he didn’t even say we were done. He just said, “I’m still in love with my best friend pala” and expected me to take it. Because it was unclear, we went out one more time, but his best friend joined us and I was a third wheel. Hahahahaha. – Anonymous

8. The Vanisher

We didn’t even “break up”. He just vanished from my life and stopped acting like my boyfriend or being around. So I guess technically we’re still together? Hahaha. (This was four years ago, though, and I have moved on. Thank you.) – Anonymous

7. Yung traditional Chinese

Guy: My mom said I need to be with someone who’s Chinese.
Me: Ohhhkkaaayyy…
Guy: So, friends…???
– Karla Bernales

6. Yung kabit ka pala

After ghosting for a few days, he finally answered a call and said, “Please stop calling me. My girlfriend will get mad.” – Ishii Caparras

5. When your friend is more savage than your ex

The guy I was dating exclusively for 18 months broke up through a common girl friend. “Wala raw siyang lakas ng loob sabihin.” Weeks after, sila na. Until now, sila pa rin. Hahaha. – Millie Manahan

4. Yung sobrang tagal mag-CR

Took her to a party. She went to the restroom. Never saw her again. – Nick Mangubat

3. The One Who Used a Meme

We met up to discuss things between us, and eventually he broke up with me using a meme: “You know that meme with the brain that gets larger? Yung you’re fired tapos you’re promoted to a customer? Well, you’re promoted to a friend.” I think he broke it off that way to make me laugh, but oh well. – Anonymous

2. The Holy One

He took me to a church on a weekday, and told me there. Apt location, bawal scandalo. – Nix

1. The One at the Motel

Diba matagal na tayong break?” – my then-girlfriend suddenly said after I caught her going out of a motel with another guy. Gave her another chance after that, but cheated again with a different guy. Now that’s savage! – Michael Celestial

Got any savage breakup stories of your own to share?

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