READ: 5 Tips On How To Start And Stay Running

Whether you’re running for fitness or training for your first ever 10k, getting off your bed early in the morning, putting on your rubber shoes and actually starting to run is somewhat a difficult thing to do, more so sticking to your running routine. So, here are 5 tips that will help you jump out of bed to start and stay running.

  1. Get your gear ready

Before you go to bed, make sure that you get your gear ready for tomorrow’s run. Getting your clothes and shoes ready will save you precious time rummaging through your closet. Don’t forget to charge your phone or mp3 player because you’ll need all the boost you can get.

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  1. Psych yourself up

Convincing yourself to run is the hardest part but getting yourself to prepare your gear is already the first step in psyching yourself up for your run. Take time to plan your run as well, make sure that you know what your goal is once you go out of the door.

Whether you’re planning to burn a specific amount of calories or run a certain distance for a given amount of time, the thought of having something to aim at will actually help you start and challenge you to keep going.

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  1. Rest and recovery

After all the miles and hours you spent on the road or on the track, making sure that you get enough rest is the responsible thing to do. Remember, you’re doing this for a better physical health so take care of your body.

Make sure that you get enough sleep and if you don’t, skip today’s run. If your legs are still sore from your previous run, get an extra day of recovery. Having enough rest and recovery time will not only help your body perform at the same level but will also help your mind focus on the road rather than your aching muscles.

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  1. Mix things up

Getting tired of running the same route all the time? Then, why don’t you try going to a different and more scenic place? You might also want to challenge yourself by adding one more mile.

Mixing things up will help you achieve your goal better and easier. Don’t be afraid to try engaging in activities aside from running to help get rid of the “umay” feeling.

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  1. Get a buddy

Nothing like a little help from a friend, right? Try running with a buddy who has been doing it for a long time or, who has just started. This way, you have someone to encourage you and help you achieve your goal. Or better yet, set same goals and work on them together.

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Good luck on your running sesh! You can do it!

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