READ: 12 Of Twitter’s Funniest Reactions To Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

ICYMI, Taylor Swift has been shaking up the internet for the past few weeks because, well, she’s Taylor Swift.

It all started when she wiped the internet clean of her social media accounts, and then suddenly popping back up again with cryptic videos with snakes–teasing about a possible new song.

And then she announced her upcoming new album, Reputation, and a new single that had just been released a few days ago. Of course, with new music from TSwift herself, the internet went nuts.

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Taylor’s Look What You Made Me Do was met with various reactions and comments from netizens, and being a space of weird humor, the interwebs produced hilarious tweets about the new song and the New Taylor Swift™.

Here are some of the funniest that came across my feed:

Some had some real comments on the new single.

Many people took a jab at how Taylor definitely had zero chill on dissing her haters with Look What You Made Me Do.

Really. Taylor has no chill.

Some of us want to sing along, too!

Goodbye to the old Taylor Swift!

And what’s a worldwide trend without a few Pinoy parodies?

What did you think of Taylor’s newest singles? Have you seen other funny tweets? Share it with us!