Razer Believes that PC Gaming is Not Dead


When In Manila and you think that PC gaming is dead then we have news for you. Our friends from Razer just sent a press release directed towards console gaming platform players who believes that the Console > PC for gaming. While I am a PC gamer myself, I also understand the analogy of console gamers. In PC gaming the quality of the PC is an important factor to bring you the best user experience of a game, this usually will cost you an arm and a leg just so you could afford such a rig. Another fact is that that console game developers maximizes the potential of their platform thus giving you awesome quality games on a lower price platform. Hopefully Razer addresses this problem on their Aug. 26, 2011 announcement maybe with an external graphics accelerator, a uniform pc rig designed for gaming (wishing that this would be easy on the pocket too) or maybe the answer lies on the Switchblade. We will have to wait a few more days until this announcement in the meanwhile checkout press release from Razer below.




Razer Believes that PC Gaming is Not Dead

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