Ray William Johnson talks about Filipino Flute Boy

When in Manila, does any of you know who Ray William Johnson is? Any guesses? Not a clue? lol Okay, for the sake of those people living under a rock, Ray William Johnson is just THE “number one most subscribed person in YouTube”. He’s known for making these wacky reviews about some viral videos on YouTube. And for his latest video, Ray talked about Arjohn Gilbert, the Filipino flute-selling boy who sang his way to internet fame. Check out what Ray has to say on the jump.


(Video credit: RayWilliamJohnson)



He might seem like the usual internet d*uche, but Ray William Johnson does tell a thought-provoking idea at times. Like when he pointed out that there are a lot of children with great singing voices but how come the poor,talented ones usually get to attract more YouTube views?



I can’t help but think about how other people react to these “unexpected” talents. But if you ask me, I think the flute boy’s case is similar to Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent. Everyone, including the judges themselves, didn’t expect the beautiful voice lying underneath her outward appearance, right?  I think it wasn’t because these people CAN’T possibly be as talented as Celine Dion. It’s just that these acts are a surprising revelation considering the status quo. And please don’t get me wrong on that.



See full video of the talented flute boy singing in Pampanga by clicking here



Honestly, I’m impressed with this Arjohn kid because I felt how he sang with passion and that he enjoyed every bit of his performance. Compare that to, say for instance, little rich girls being forced to take up piano or ballet classes by their stage moms. It sickens me to know that the parents’ only underlying motive is to show the world that their kid ’s got at least one stand-out talent. (I pity those kids BTW).



Now I don’t know about you but I don’t see flute boy’s talent any different from the other internet sensations out there. Like I watched Maria Aragon and I was equally impressed with her rendition of “Born this Way”. I saw Marie Digby back when she was still a Myspace sensation and I felt the same level of admiration. I mean, people just have different ways of seeing things and that it’s possible for people to appreciate talent for talent ALONE, period.


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