Ramon Tulfo’s Alleged De La Salle-CSB “Drug Problem” Column Goes Viral; See Daughter’s Twitter Response

Tulfo Inquirer column

Popular broadcaster, TV host and columnist Ramon Tulfo recently released a tirade in his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer that went viral on various social media platforms, calling out the alleged “drug activity” taking place supposedly at the De La Salle – College of St. Benilde (DLS-CSB).

This was after his daughter apparently went home with droopy eyes, and later confessed to her mother that she had taken Valium allegedly bought from a fellow CSB student. This revelation supposedly led to a mini-search in his daughter’s room, where they found a bag of marijuana stashed in her bedroom. 

His column also says that after “further questioning”, he found out that his daughter supposedly bought it from a coffee shop near the school, and that his daughter apparently frequents three “coffee shops” nearby the La Salle and CSB area, namely Plato, Barn, and Beach. (La Sallians and other netizens familiar with the establishments criticized this inaccuracy online, as these places are not actually coffee shops but bars or watering holes.)

According to Tulfo, he visited CSB in order to discuss with school authorities the supposedly prevailing “drug problem” but apparently, “no one wanted to talk to him”.

Tulfo also further expresses in his column that:

I know that by writing this I would be exposing myself to embarrassment and my daughter to reprisal but I’m concerned about the other children and their parents.

I learned that the students who push drugs at CSB are scions of rich or influential families.

After his column went viral on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the daughter in question, identified as Nastassja Tulfo, took to Twitter to express her frustration over her father’s article.

In a flood of tweets, Nastassja vented the following:

Nastassja Tulfo Twitter 1

“Know your facts and what really happened. WTH impulsive writting (sic) this is seriously bulls***”

“Don’t blame my school. WTF IMPULSIVE WRITTING (sic) DAD”

“FYI is my fault but NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BLAME THE SCHOOL. IT’S ALL ON ME. It’s a personal choice NOT CSB!”

Nastassja Tulfo Twitter 3

“Ruining the name of CSB won’t solve our family problems nor fixing the current issue. you just ruined the family name and me.”

Currently, Nastassja Tulfo’s Twitter account is set to private.

Netizens online have been mixed on the issue. Some criticized the “poor writing” and the “poor research” on Tulfo’s article, as well as the usage of his column to address what was supposedly a “family problem”. Others have took to Ramon Tulfo’s defense, saying that it was right of him to be concerned about his daughter’s welfare, and alert the school authorities on this activity, if it were true.

Have anything to add on this issue? Do you think Ramon Tulfo was right to write about this in his column, or did he go too far?