Ramen Bar: A Place for Japanese Noodles

When in Manila, people just can’t get enough of Japanese noodles! When it comes to authentic ramen, though, we recommend you try the ones being offered by Ramen Bar.

And although Ramen Bar has been around since 2010, people all over the metro still flock to taste a little bit of Japan in every bowl of ramen served here.


Ramen Bar_00003


For those who haven’t tried anything from the Ramen Bar menu, here’s a few we’d like you to sample:

Ebi Buns Php 220

Crispy shrimp and an ebi mayo dressing snuggled inside a white bun. Tasty and filling, an order will give you four ebi buns, all of which can be consumed by a single person in a matter of minutes (because it’s just that good).

Ramen Bar Ebi Buns


Gyoza Php 150

Crispy fried dumplings. These dumplings are filled with a mixture of finely chopped meat and vegetables. Each serving comes with two dipping sauces-one is spicy, and the other salty.

Ramen Bar Gyoza


Seafood Ramen Php 380

If you love seafood you will surely enjoy Ramen Bar’s seafood ramen. A bowl is composed of fresh ramen in a salt-based broth filled with squid and shrimp.

Ramen Bar Seafood Ramen


R.B.S. #1 Php 380

If you like to bust your belly, try the R.B.S. #1. It’s made of ramen swimming in a soy-infused pork bone broth topped with eggs, sliced fish cake, dried seaweed, barbecued pork belly and braised pork slices. I think it’s the only Ramen Bar dish that has the most number of toppings.

Ramen Bar R.B.S. #1


Super Chasyu Ramen Php 380

Do you love a simple bowl of ramen devoid of all the trimmings found in R.B.S. #1? Try this bowl of soy-infused pork bone broth topped with pork belly slices and seasoned eggs. Personally this is my favorite as it has a simpler blend of flavors.

The pork belly flavor really shines through in this dish.

Ramen Bar Super Chasyu Ramen


Ramen Bar_00008

 Itadakimasu! Let’s eat!



For authentic Japanese ramen with a bit of flair, visit Ramen Bar when in Manila.

Original photos by KC Canlas.



 Ramen Bar

G/F Eastwood Mall , Libis, Quezon City, Philippines



Ramen Bar: A Place for Japanese Noodles