‘Ragnarok Landverse’ Garnered Over 300,000 Pre-Registrants!

The first official sequel of Ragnarok Online integrated with blockchain technology, titled Ragnarok Landverse, published by MAXION PTE. LTD., has been ready for download since September 20. Ragnarok Landverse is available in English and can be played on the PC. Players across Southeast Asia (excluding Thailand & Indonesia), South America, MENA, India, Africa, and Oceania will now be able to embark on a new grand adventure into the Rune Midgard! 

A seamless blend of classic RO elements with web3 & blockchain innovation


An exciting new addition to the original MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, along with blockchain features that will revolutionise players’ gaming experience! Ragnarok Landverse provides a player-driven economy and incentivizes players with digital financial assets that can be obtained with every minute of play. By leveraging web3 features, all players can participate in a secure and fair marketplace driven by demand and supply, and adding a whole new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Join the Celebration of Over 300,000 Pre-registrants!

It’s time to celebrate a monumental achievement! MAXION PTE. LTD. is thrilled to announce that Ragnarok Landverse has surpassed 300,000 pre-registrants, reflecting high enthusiasm and excitement among Ragnarok fans and P2E gamers.

Web3 Key Features of Ragnarok Landverse

  • Buy & Sell NFTs

Discover, collect, buy and sell Ragnarok Landverse NFTs through MAXION NFT marketplace.

  • Land System

In the Land of Midgard, there are a total of 123 lands with 100 lands offered for land ownership and 23 lands leased for public usage. Players will be able to rent Public and/or Landlords’ houses each time for a duration of 7 days.

  • Housing Systems

Enhance Your Land NFT Experience with additional NPC which can increase in-game benefits and other add-on value services!

  • Mining System

Players can acquire Adamantine Fragments which can be refined into Adamantine (ADAM) Tokens in-game and utilized to upgrade the character’s equipment. ADAM is a utility token that can be exchanged for USDC, allowing players to earn digital financial assets.

Grand Launch Celebration with Giveaway of Physical Prizes Worth Up to US$5,000!

To support players at the beginning of their journey, Ragnarok Landverse offers various launch incentives. These include login rewards and daily sign-in bonuses for up to eight days, level-specific gift packages to reward character progression, as well as valuable resources for completing specific stages.

And to celebrate the launch of Ragnarok Landverse, multiple events will be running during this launch period, where players can win prizes worth up to US$5,000! Follow Ragnarok Landverse’s social media channels to stay updated and get your hands on special prizes!

Ragnarok Landverse has finally been released. No more waiting! Get your account ready and download it right now. Explore a brand new adventure in the Rune Midgard continent you have never experienced before.

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