RACJOURN 2016: “For the Youth, For the Filipinos”


               We are delighted to inform you that Rotary Club of Downtown Manila will be having their first CAMPUS JOURNALISM entitled RACJOURN 2016: “For the Youth, For the Filipinos” with the theme “Pambansang Halalan: Pagsipat, Paglinang sa Papel ng Midya at Pamamahayag sa Pambansang Kamulatan” happening on Saturday, February 13, 2016, 8:00AM-5:30 PM   at SANTA ISABEL COLLEGE –MANILA located at 210 Taft Avenue, Manila. This is our very first NCR Wide Campus Journalism contest organized by Rotaract Club of RCDM Scholars sponsored by Rotary Club of Downtown Manila. RCDM Scholars is composed of High School Valedictorians. This year is the launching of this event that highlights the concept and essence of national consciousness when it comes to National Elections.

               During this momentous occasion, RCDM is cordially inviting you to join and participate in this competition. The main objective of this event is to further educate students in the passion and essence of journalism. Students coming from various public and private high schools will be competing in 5 categories namely: Editorial Writing (English &Filipino), Editorial Cartooning, News Writing (English &Filipino), Sports Writing (English & Filipino), and Photojournalism (English &Filipino).   The event’s other objective is to promote National Awareness and Consciousness to students especially about the current pressing problems of society through journalistic writing and at the same time to maximize their potential and talent to its fullest. The 2 main subjects for the talk are   Awareness in Social Issues through Journalism and Passion for Writing /Journalism. In line with this, the Big Talk 101 will be handled by Mr. Paolo Bediones, a Filipino television host, GMA Host, Newscaster, and Radio Announcer. The school can join and have as many participants as they can in every category. In addition to that, this affair will have its Registration fee of 250 pesos for each participant for both Public and Private Schools INCLUSIVE of lunch, participant’s kit, pre-contest workshop & participant’s and coaches snacks and other giveaways. Various awards to schools and participant care of our sponsors will also be given plus exciting and big prizes and giveaways awaits for the raffle promo in the afternoon.  There will also be various   speakers in media and broadcasting & journalists that will be giving their talk plus our sponsors will also have booths and freebies.  The attire for this event will be the school uniform and the I.D of each student.

                 When in Manila is one of the stepping stone in RACJOURN 2016 in helping us in our advocacy which is to raise awareness in certain causes and pressing problems in our society and country. With the help and participation of When in Manila, which is one of the most influential means to the youth through Social Media, we can be able to help the youth to have a choice and become pioneers and catalysts of change and difference, as well as towards being a better and courageous person being involved in the societal issues and problems we have. Innovative ideas, critical thoughts and opinions, meaningful and influential words and concocts are being used by the youth in order to stand up and voice out what they think is right and just, this is how When in Manila helps RACJOURN. “Making a difference, touching and changing lives, and bringing the best in the youth.

We would be very honored and   happy to have your school as our participant for this will be of great help to your students in maximizing and honing their skills to the fullest.  You can fill out this information (in the google survey) through our online Pre –Registration: http://goo.gl/forms/9dA9K2aMD9. In case you have any inquiries and for further clarifications and negotiation please feel free to call or text 09151880262 or 09323803655.

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