Quarantine Tribute Tips: The ultimate adulting FB group to get you through quarantine

Words by Joselle Reyes

For all the fellow people-turned-tributes who are looking for ways to navigate and survive the world of adulting and quarantine, this group is the perfect group for you.

Since its creation around the last week of March, the Quarantine Tribute Tips group has significantly expanded to currently house over 38,000 members of young adults turned into tribute as well as parents and older people sharing nuggets of wisdom and advice.

The idea of being a ‘tribute’ is lifted from Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book series, where selected residents of different districts are enlisted in a bout of survival known as the Hunger Games.

From initially being a group meant to give tips for buying groceries and picking food in the market, the group has grown to be a community that is meant for people to help each other out amidst the quarantine, be it in sourcing for donation drives, learning new recipes, housekeeping, paying the bills–any piece of advice under the sun.

Apart from practical quaran-tips, the group has also become a space for interaction among members to get to know each other more. For instance, there have been countless posts of tributes sharing their relatable stories and funny memes, along with discussions of favorite series, books, and podcasts, among others.

Here’s some recent posts from fellow tributes:

Mini donuts… or calamares 

Staying hydrated (and under the shade):

This turtle exercising outdoors:

Porkchop and art:

A guide for pork cuts used in different dishes: 

Quarantine home realizations:

DIY summer refreshments:

This Telegram bot that searches e-books for you: 

This two-player escape game (which doesn’t require installing any apps!):

Chi-chi, the frontliner doggo:

If you want to explore something new while you’re a tribute yet to go out in the world, you can try working out with some items you have in your homes.

For more entertaining posts and quaran-tips, be sure to check the group out. Got some tips you may want to share? Let us know in the comments section!


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