QT Nail Polish – Magical Colors to Primp Up Your Nails

Having gorgeous nails is a part of any kikay’s list, but buying cheap and unbranded polish can sometimes be dangerous to your health. According to the news, some nail polishes (mostly those that you get on the streets) actually have high lead content, which can be poisonous to those who use it. Most nail polishes also have a strong odor, which can be irritating and may even lead to nausea.

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We recently discovered QT Nail Polish, the first and only maker of 5 Free Formula non-toxic nail polish in the Philippines. This means that their products do not include Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, and Camphor. Their polishes are vegan and very affordable to the market. QT Nail Polish is part of Weens Cosmetics Philippines, which also has other variants like Emma (a brand comparable to the likes of high-end brands like Orly) and the original Weens Nail Polish Collection.

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QT Nail Polish prides itself on its non-toxic and non-staining formula, which assures that your nails stay healthy even if you use the products consistently. The formula also lessens the stains, thus no more yellowing nail problems!

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Just recently, QT Nail Polish launched its collection of its newest swatches called the Magic Collection, and it features fabulous colors with a hint of sparkles. The polishes have a metallic finish that shimmers and creates a glitter foil effect.

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Right now, they have eight (8) available colors: the glittery gray silver foil called Angel Dust, the white gold foil called Callisto, the champaign silver foil called Cosmic Sand, the stunning aqua foil called Galactica, the purple-blue foil called Kaleidoscope, the deep blue foil called Moon Dust, the glittery light red foil called Red Star, and the green-ish foil called Voyager. All shades are inspired by the magic of the cosmos. This is especially evident in the colors and the final look of the polishes.

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The best part about QT Nail Polish, however, is its very affordable price! They are sold for less than a hundred pesos and can be purchased at Cash & Carry, Gaisano Malls, KCC Malls, Makati Supermarket, Metro Department Stores, Prince Group of Companies, Sta. Lucia Department Store, and Unimart. You can also place your orders via Facebook.

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QT Nail Polish

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