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WHEN IN MANILA, liven up your household with QRIUS home, kitchen, bath and digital accessories. These products are not just lovely to look at but are also packed with functionality, making QRIUS the perfect store to buy gifts for friends, co-workers and families. Mother’s Day is coming up so you might want to check out the latest products of Qrius’s online store.


qrius-aqua-zinger-bottle-when-in-manila (5)


My ultimate favorite Qrius product right now is the AQUA ZINGER. I always like my water flavored; and, what I usually do with my drinking water at home is  infuse it with lemons and oranges. I got so excited to have an AQUA ZINGER at last because now, I can easily infuse my water with just about anything – mess free!

Qrius Aqua Zinger bottle is perfect with subtly infusing water with different flavors that you can imagine: Watermelon+basil, Kiwi+Strawberry, Cucumber+Melon, Pineapple+Mint, Lemon+Orange, Dalandan+Basil, etc. Use your creative imagination, have fun and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

“The Aqua Zinger has the unique ability to create all-natural beverage options, as well as help increase the frequency of water consumption. (When water is this delicious, it’s hard to avoid!) With Zing, the naturally-flavored waters are flavorful and refreshing.”




Very easy to use, re-use and clean 🙂 All you need to do is add fresh ingredients, twist, and shake!