Qali x Casa: Aesthetic Plant Pots and Vases for Your Indoor Garden

Qali x Casa was born in the middle of the pandemic in July 2020 by individuals who share a love for nature and a passion for interior design. The team behind Qali x Casa shared, “The idea of Qali x Casa has been in our heads even before the pandemic started but we were only able to finally turn it into reality because of the current situation wherein everyone is stuck at home. I guess this is one of those silver linings.”

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Fortunately, the team did turn their idea into a reality because these beautiful pieces complement well with our plant babies and modern interior design. “What actually pushed us was a Facebook My Day from a friend of ours looking for aesthetic-looking planters during the rise of the plantitos and plantitas,” they added.

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Qali x Casa takes pride in their unique and stylish plant pots and vases that are perfect gifts for moms, wives, and best friends who enjoy adding a touch of nature to their homes without turning them into a jungle. They actually handpick these products and only choose those that exude character. The team sees to it that each of the items they sell looks like an art piece because they do not only want to bring nature inside your homes, they also want to do it artistically.

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If you are veering away from the typical ones in the market, you should definitely check out their selection of plant pots and vases that can stand alone as accent pieces and can give off a luxurious feel. The brand’s name basically says it all.

Qali is actually a Proto-Austronesian prefix that implies a “sensitive connection with the spirit world” while the x in the middle was used as a symbol of collaboration and not supposed to be pronounced. Of course, casa means home. So, it sort of means “nature at your home” and when pronounced together, it sounds like Kalikasan. – Qali x Casa

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They are located in Makati, but these elegant pieces are (plantitas and plantitos all over the Philippines, rejoice!) available for delivery nationwide! They explained, “At that time, there were only a handful of online shops that sells quality pots and planters and not all of them are accessible to all areas in the Philippines. That is one of the things we wanted to address.”

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So, what are you waiting for? No matter where you are in the country, you may visit Qali x Casa’s website (, Facebook Page, and Instagram account (@qalixcasa) to see more of what they offer and order now as a gift to yourself and your loved ones! Also, get 100 PESOS OFF on each of your purchases with NO MINIMUM AMOUNT REQUIRED when you use this voucher code: WHENINMANILA 100. 😉

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