PWR Live: Way of the Champion Results

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-yolo

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made its return to the Powermac Center Spotlight with PWR Live: Way of the Champion. The show was filled with intense Philippine Pro Wrestling action from start to finish.


Pre-Show Notes

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-when-in-manila-mckataBrad Cruz is down

Brad Cruz was assaulted by The Ninjas in the first match. The partnership of Brad Cruz and McKata ended when McKata entered the ring and beat Brad Cruz down.


PWR Live Way of the Champion Results When in Manila VintendoEvanderSuper Vintendo and Jan Evander attack Revo-Ranger

The newly improved Super Vintendo demolished the Revo-Ranger with a new chokeslam. Super Vintendo and Dr. Jan Evander attempted to unmask Revo-Ranger, but Bolt rushed to ringside to save him just in time.


PWR Way Of The Champion 200SPEAR!

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-jdlpanzer2Both men are down

PWR Championship Tournament: Chris Panzer vs. Jake De Leon

The two former PWR Champions gave one hell of a match and drew a “This is awesome” chant. Panzer tried to deliver an Eagle Splash, but JDL thwarted the attempt. The Senyorito advanced in the tournament after delivering two successive Alipin Drops on Panzer. Both men shook hands after the bout.


PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-mckatacorneredMcKata feels the pain

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-mikemh4rcki3Mh4rcki3 vs. Madrigal

Kakaibr0s vs. Mike Madrigal and McKata

Mike Madrigal revealed that McKata was his surprise partner. The Kakaibr0s were on high gear, delivering the offense to their opponents early on. Near the end, Madrigal handcuffed Mh4rckie to the ropes and made it a 2-on-1. McKata and Madrigal delivered a double team maneuver to pin Kh3ndrick for the 1-2-3.

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-when-in-manila-kakaibrosmike

Madrigal and McKata attacked the Br0s after the match. Brad Cruz entered the ring but failed to save them. With the Kakaibr0s and Brad Cruz down, Madrigal delivered the GTS to his tag team partner before leaving the ringside area.


PWR-Live-Way-of-the-Champion-Results-When-in-Manila-QuatroDaxQuatro kicks Dax

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-when-in-manila-daxdataquatroDax breaks it up

Dax Xaviera vs. Quatro vs. SANDATA

This was one highly competitive match with all three men going the distance. Quatro and SANDATA delivered an amazing Kidlat-Destino combination on Dax. The match descended into an ugly brawl outside the ring with the officials ruling it as a no-contest.


PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-when-in-manila-maxxapoc1Apocalypse & Main Maxx face off

PWR-Live-Way-of-the-Champion-Results-When-in-Manila-ApocMaxxBig Boot to Maxx

PWR Championship Tournament: Main Maxx vs. The Apocalypse

Two of PWR’s behemoths collided and they delivered some hard hitting moves. Main Maxx won with the surprise pin on the Apocalypse after the mask man’s Six Feet Under attempt.

John Sebastian appeared at ringside afterwards to declare that the Tournament Finals would commence immediately.


PWR Live Way Of The Champion when in manilaJDL struggles to get out

PWR Live Way Of The Champion results when in manilaJDL grabs Maxx

PWR Championship Tournament Finals: Main Maxx vs. Jake De Leon

JDL delivered a Senyorito Kick and an Alipin drop on Main Maxx, however, Maxx did not stay down. JDL attempted to ground Main Maxx by focusing on his legs. Main Maxx overcame JDL and got the victory after delivering three straight Blitzkriegs on the Senyorito. Main Maxx became the no. 1 contender for the PWR Championship.

PWR Live Way Of The Champion when in manilaMain Maxx & Son

After the match, Mr. Sy told everyone that Main Maxx will be the next champion because Maxx is fighting for his family.

PWR Live Way Of The Champion results when in manilaCarleaux Sheaux Hosts w/ Officer Tutan

PWR Live Way Of The Champion results when in manila sebastianAMAJSWLAS

Carleaux Sheaux: Live

PWR’s popular web-series the “Carleaux Sheaux” had a live edition featuring PWR Tag Team Champions Crystal and John Sebastian. The hosts, Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux, asked John Sebastian if they may have a tag team title match. John Sebastian booked a tag team title match but it would be against their henchmen GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan.


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