PWR Live: Way of the Champion Results

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-camussebastianCamus chops John Sebastian

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-tutancrystalCrystal traps Tutan

PWR Tag Team Title Match: Crystal and John Sebastian © vs. GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan

GrabCamus and Tutan surprised the tag team champions as they isolated the former PWR Champion right off the bat. Camus displayed some power and strength while Tutan delivered his innovative crotch-based offense. Crystal attacked Tutan to shift the momentum to her team’s favor. Tutan was pinned after a Solemate-Killshot combination.

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-yolotdtecx1YOLO Twins double team TDT

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-yolotdtecx2TDT about to strike

TDTxECX vs. the YOLO Twins

John Sebastian booked Trian and Evan in a tag team match against the YOLO Twins for their #1 contendership spot. The back and forth match ended when Trian rolled up Logan after blocking the suplex attempt. TDTxECX kept their #1 contendership spot to face the PWR Tag Team Champs at Renaissance.


PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-ab3martivoMartivo and AB3 lock horns

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-ab3martivo2

All Out War Title Match: “The Warlord” Alexander Belomnte III © vs. Martivo

AB3 and Martivo went ‘all out’ inside the ring without any use of a foreign object. The hard-hitting match ended when AB3 delivered the Belmonte Driver on his challenger.


PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-warrenred1Mahaba assaults KW

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-warrenred2Warren about to stomp on Mahaba

PHX Title Match: Ken Warren © vs. Rederick Mahaba

Ken Warren was tested by the strength and size of Rederick Mahaba. Mahaba overpowered Warren initially until the latter targeted the challenger’s leg. Mahaba went for the Alab ng Puso but he missed and KW took charge. Ken Warren managed to gain the pinfall after a Wi-Fi and a top rope stomp.

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-jdlkenwarren

Ken Warren issued an open challenge for the next show which was answered by Jake De Leon!


PWR Live Way Of The Champion when in manila ralphkotoAKoto Hiro takes off

PWR-Live-Way-of-the-Champion-Results-When-in-Manila-RalphKoto2Koto Hiro about to hit Ralph from mid-air

PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi © vs. Koto Hiro (w/ Nina)

Both men started the match with some heavy forearm smashes. Hiro dished out a couple of dives off the ring at Ralph and a springboard back elbow. Koto Hiro got up 2 two after being hit by Ralph’s Sonic Crusher.


PWR Live Way Of The Champion when in manila ralphkotoBPWR-Live-Way-of-the-Champion-Results-When-in-Manila-RalphKoto3Ralph forces Koto to submit


With the referee down at one point, Nina and Rederick tried to interfere for their respective partners only to cause further chaos on both sides. Ralph retained after forcing his opponent to submit.

PWR-Live-Way Of The Champion-results-when-in-manila-ralphRalph looks at Koto Hiro with disdain

After the match, the PWR Champion feigned reconciliation with Koto and Nina as he would deliver a lowblow to the masked wrestler. Before more damage would be done, Main Maxx and Mr. Sy entered ringside to remind Ralph who he will be facing the next show. The show ended with Main Maxx laying out Ralph with the Blitzkrieg.



PWR Live: Way of the Champion was a great show that made everyone enjoy and forget how bad the weather was that day. Special thanks to PWR for inviting us to their show.


Photos by: Tom Huang and Hub Pacheco


Quick Results

P1: Mckata & Brad Cruz vs. The Ninjas ended in a no-contest
P2: Vintendo d. Revo-Ranger
Jake De Leon d. Chris Panzer
Mike Madrigal & McKata d. The Kakaibr0s
Dax Xaviera vs. SANDATA vs. Quatro ended in a no-contest
Main Maxx d. the Apocalypse
Main Maxx d. Jake De Leon
Crystal & John Sebastian d. GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan to retain the PWR Tag Titles
Trian Dela Torre & Evan Carleaux d. The YOLO Twins
Alexander Belmonte III d. Martivo to retain the AOW Title
Ken Warren d. Rederick Mahaba to retain the PHX Title
Ralph Imabayashi d. Koto Hiro to retain the PWR Championship