PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll Results

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-all-out-war-1AB3 gets attacked by the Apocalypse

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-76Belmonte Driver!

All Out War Title Match: Alexander Belmonte III © vs. The Apocaylpse (w/ Jan Evander and Super VintendØ)

The EndGame had a 3-on-1 advantage during this match. Jan Evander and Super VintendØ used key moments to distract AB3 and give Apocalypse the edge. The very first AOW champion used the steel chain against AB3 which elicited a “50 Shades” chant. Revo Ranger and Bolt rushed in to even up the score. Revo Ranger and Bolt fought with Super VintendØ and Jan Evander to the outside of the ringside area. AB3 choked Apocalypse with the steel chain to disable him before connecting with the Belmonte Driver for the win.

After the match, AB3 asked for any future challengers and was answered by an unknown man with a horse mask. Dax attacked the distracted AB3 from behind and accepted his challenge for the AOW belt.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-artie-vladArtie 2.0 tries to take down Vlad

Mainstream Mahaba (w/ Artie 2.0) vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

Mahaba tried to talk Vlad out of the match and invited him to an ‘acting exercise’. He slapped Vlad to get him angry and it backfired as the former All Out War champion started to attack Mahaba. Mainstream left the ring and insisted that his new personal assistant, Artie 2.0, take over for him. Artie 2.0 tried to get the advantage by ‘massaging’ Vlad before he kicked him. Artie 2.0 bounced off the ropes for a spinning headscissors but Vlad caught him and slammed him with a backbreaker. Vlad Sinnsyk finished off Artie 2.0 with a muscle buster and pinned him 1-2-3. Mahaba entered the ring after the match to demolish Vlad with a steel tray.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-emman-quatro-1Emman flies for a double knee strike on Quatro

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-emman-quatro-2Quatro hits the springboard back elbow

Quatro vs. Emman “The Kid”

Emman “The Kid” of Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) faced the “Light bringer” in one of the show’s most memorable matches. Both men had an impressive chain wrestling sequence to start the match. Emman delivered a springboard dropkick that sent Quatro to the outside. Back inside, Quatro hit a backstabber that got a 2 count. Emman caught a Quatro who was flying off the top rope with an amazing dropkick to ground the Light Bringer! The end saw Quatro blocking Emman’s springboard stunner attempt before he connected with the Destino! There was a mishap with the referee’s counting, but the contest and victory was given in favor of Quatro.

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-98

After the match, Quatro told everyone to give his opponent a round of applause. The crowd did and gave a “Please Come Back” chant for “The Kid”.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-tutan-camusCamus and Tutan has SANDATA in a very compromising position

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-camus-sandata-maxxMSG traps GrabCamus with their submission move

GrabCamus & Kapitan Tutan vs. SANDATA and Main Maxx of the MSG (w/ Mr. Sy)

MSG got the early advantage after Main Maxx distracted Tutan. Maxx and SANDATA would control the match against Tutan, while GrabCamus and Mr. Sy started to exchange some heated words at ringside. Camus got tagged in and was a house on fire. He took out both SANDATA and Main Maxx before Mr. Sy stepped in to argue with GrabCamus once more. SANDATA delivered the Kidlat on a distracted GrabCamus. SANDATA and Main Maxx won after they forced GrabCamus to tap out with their double submission move.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-mr-syMr. Sy looks down at the fallen Naughty Boys

After the match, Mr. Sy ordered Maxx and SANDATA to continue their beat down of their opponents. The PWR Tag Team Champions entered ringside to trade barbs with MSG before they said that they’ll defend the belts AND the Tag Team Division against SANDATA and Main Maxx at the next event. MSG attacked the Naughty Boys, while they were on their way out of the ring. MSG stood triumphant over the fallen Naughty Boys.

Ralph sneaks up on Madrigal

PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi © vs. Mike Madrigal

Ralph Imabayashi ambushed Madrigal from behind as the challenger was distracted by Mahaba and Artie 2.0 on stage. Madrigal fought back with some hard strikes and a vertical suplex. Ralph caught Madrigal’s arm from the apron and would focus on the said arm for the entirety of the contest. Mike Madrigal, partially out of adrenaline and the “kupal” chants, felt powered up and rallied to a comeback. Madrigal caught Ralph and delivered a devastating sit-out powerbomb that almost got a 3 count.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-ralph-lowblowLOW BLOW!

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-mainstream-stickMahaba attacks Madrigal!

Ralph countered a GTS attempt by Madrigal and delivered a spinning headscissors into an armbar submission. Madrigal reached the ropes to break the submission hold. Both men went down after Madrigal hit a GTS, with Ralph replying with a Sonic Crusher. The referee went down and Ralph hit a low blow on Mike. Madrigal fought back with a low blow of his own against Ralph. The match ended with Madrigal winning via disqualification and Ralph retaining the belt after the referee saw Mahaba attack Madrigal with a cane.

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-7Uh…oh…

Mahaba got the mic to brag that Ralph was still the champ, but Ralph said he was not buying Mahaba’s BS. Before the argument escalated, Mahaba convinced Ralph that they should beat up Madrigal instead. Vlad Sinnsyk interfered to take out both Mahaba and Ralph. He helped Madrigal up, only for him to take down Mike Madrigal as well. The show ended with Vlad declaring his intentions of pursing the PWR Championship belt of Ralph Imabayashi.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-ken-warrenKen Warren

PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll was one amazing show. It was quite refreshing to see most PWR wrestlers come out costumed as either other wrestlers from other promotions or even as comic book characters. There were some audience members with some pretty nifty costumes as well. Hopefully PWR would do something similar to this again next Halloween. I would like to thank the people from PWR for inviting us to this very enjoyable wrestling event. PWR returns to the Power Mac Center Spotlight on November 25, 2018 for PWR Vendetta!

Photos by: Hub Pacheco Photography and TCHuang Productions

Quick Results

– Pre-Show Match: Brad Cruz d. Samoan Papa

– The Naughty Boys (TDT & ECX) (c) d. The EndGame (Super Vitendo and Jan Evander) to retain the PWR Tag Team Title
– Bolt vs. Dax Xaviera ended in a no-contest.
– Martivo def. John Sebastian
– The YOLO Twins def. KakaiBros
– 3-Way PHX Title Match: Jake De Leon (c) vs. Chris Panzer vs. Ken Warren ended in a no-contest
– Alexander Belmonte III (c) def. The Apocalypse to retain the All Out War Title
– Vlad Sinnsyk def. Artie 2.0
– QUATRO def. Emman “The Kid”
– MSG (Main Maxx & SANDATA) def. GrabCamus & Kapitan Tutan
– Mike Madrigal def. Ralph Imabayashi (c) via Disqualification but Ralph retains the PWR Championship Title

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