PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll Results

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-71The EndGame

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made its return to Mandaluyong City with PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll!

Pre Show Notes

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-39Samoan Papa grabs Brad Cruz

Brad Cruz defeated the head strong Samoan Papa after delivering his “Dawn Zulueta” finishing move.

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-endgameThe EndGame take out Evan Carleaux

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-naughty-boysAnd STILL your tag team champions…

PWR Tag Team Title Match: The EndGame (Super VintendØ & Jan Evander) vs. Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux ©

TDT and ECX entered ringside with the rest of the Naughty Boys in costumes and was introduced as “Los Ingobernables de Poblacion”. The tag team champs were attacked by Super VintendØ and Evander before the bell rang. Jan Evander and Super VintendØ isolated Carleaux in the early going in hopes to get the win. Trian got in with a hot tag and helped the champions rally back. Super VintendØ tried to deliver a double chokeslam on the tag team champions, but it was all for naught. TDT and ECX got the victory after pinning Super VintendØ, proving once more that friendship beats all. PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-19Dax on the mic

Dax Xaviera vs. Bolt

Dax viciously assaulted Bolt before the match started, forcing the referee to call it a ‘no contest’. Dax tried to incapacitate Bolt further, but Revo Ranger came to his friend’s rescue.

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-23John Sebastian

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-martivo-sebastian-2Martivo goes for the win as Crystal looks on

John Sebastian vs. Martivo

It was a back and forth affair with Martivo and Sebastian. It would be Crystal singing that would prove to be a huge distraction for her boyfriend, John Sebastian. This gave Martivo the opening to land the Grabe-Tey for the big win against the former PWR Champion and Tag Champion.

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-36The Twins try to bribe Kh3ndrick

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-42Kh3ndrick goes down

The YOLO Twins vs. The Kakaibr0s

The YOLO Twins tried to bribe the lone Kakaibr0, Kh3ndrick, to just lay down and give them the victory. Kh3ndrick tricked them into trying, but the twins eventually fought him in a 2-on-1 contest. Kh3ndrick valiantly tried to fight alone, but the twins used their numbers advantage for the submission victory.

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-43

pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-mh4rckieMh4rckie surprises the Twins!

After the match, Mh4rckie came out and looked like he was now allied with the twins. He showed his true colors, however, after he attacked Yohann and Logan with a bat. After he sent the twins retreating to the outside, Mh4rckie demanded a tag team match against the YOLO Twins for the next event.


pwr-live-shake-rassle-and-roll-results-when-in-manila-jdlJDL connects on KW from mid-air!

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-68MOONSAULT!

PHX Title Match: Jake De Leon © vs. Ken Warren vs. Chris Panzer

Three former Path of Gold winners collided in this match for the PHX Title. Before the match, Ken Warren came out in a Winter Soldier outfit that drew a lot of cheers from the audience. JDL caught Ken Warren with an incredible spear off the second rope. JDL delivered a cannonball on Panzer at one corner, but he would miss the corner where Ken Warren was located. Ken Warren escaped JDL’s ankle lock a few moments later, only to walk into a superkick from Panzer and a huge powerbomb by JDL that drew a “This is awesome” chant. Near the end, Ken Warren downed JDL with a backstabber and Panzer flew to connect with an Eagle Splash. Ken Warren pulled Panzer out of the way and delivered the wi-fi on JDL!

PWR-Shake Rassle And Roll-74John Sebastian and Crystal having an L.Q.


Crystal entered the ring to beat up all three competitors with a cane, ending the match in a no-contest. John Sebastian tried to restore some order and asked Crystal what she wanted. Crystal demanded a PHX title shot. Singapore Pro Wrestling‘s “The Statement” Andruew Trang appeared on screen and demanded a title shot as well. John Sebastian booked a 6-way match for the PHX Title next month with JDL, Ken Warren, Chris Panzer, “The Statement”, Crystal, and himself! After the announcement, Crystal took down John Sebastian and stood tall inside the ring.

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