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Philippine Wrestling Revolution comes to Quezon City for the first time ever at VENUE 142, Roof Deck, L Building, in 142 Katipunan Avenue on January 29th at 5PM for its first live show of the year. Here are all the matches you can look forward to:

JDL Vs Sebastian

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP: John Sebastian (c) v. Jake De Leon

Newly-crowned PWR Champion John Sebastian defends his title—the biggest prize in Philippine wrestling—for the first time against two-time champ “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. The rematch follows PWR’s first-ever Bacolod Bullrope Championship Match featuring the same competitors. Despite De Leon’s proficiency advantage during their previous outing, the self-proclaimed “Wrestling Lord and Savior” pulled off a last-minute comeback driving a cowbell to the head of the Bacolod-native causing the former champ a severe head concussion. But after a swift recovery, Jake De Leon has been cleared to wrestle and is now back to reclaim his lost title. Knowing Sebastian, however, De Leon will have to go through hell to get what he wants. At PWR LIVE: Bagong Yugto, the stakes have never been higher!

Maxx Vs Peter

PHX CHAMPIONSHIP: Main Maxx (c) v. Peter Versoza

Peter Versoza has waited his whole career for a shot at the longest-reigning PHX Champion Main Maxx’s title. Once best of friends and now bitter rivals, it comes as no surprise as this isn’t the first time Peter Versoza double-crossed an ally. Versoza started off his PWR career as one half of the now-defunct tag team Dual Shock alongside the masked SANDATA. Being the weasel that he is, Versoza turned his back on his partner to look for better opportunities as a solo act. He finds himself working alongside some of PWR’s best talents, including Philippine Hybrid X Champion Main Maxx. Seeing an opportunity to propel himself further up, Versoza earned the #1 contender’s spot by turning on the Ultimate Hybrid himself. Which brings us to January 29th, where we will witness the culmination of Versoza’s master plan — and possibly the end of PWR’s longest championship reign.

Panzer Vs KenWa

Chris Panzer v. Ken Warren

“The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren is finally returning to ring action after almost half a year off to face the Leader of the Panzer Army, Chris Panzer, who is likewise getting back in winning form after a months-long losing streak. These two competitors aren’t strangers to each other. In fact, their upcoming match will be the fifth time they’ll be squaring off in the PWR ring. This fierce rivalry has dated as far back as the inauguration of PWR itself — only this time, it’s far more personal. If Panzer wins, he’ll prove to everyone that he really is contender status and not another choke artist. If Warren wins, he will be pulling off the biggest comeback in PWR history.

Idol Vs Crystal

James “Idol” Martinez v. Crystal

Crystal is not one to back down from a fight, especially not from the potty-mouthed topline James “Idol” Martinez. Crystal has squared off with the best of the best of PWR, but she has yet to climb the top of The Network pyramid where Martinez awaits. This is one of the matches PWR General Manager Mr. Sy has set up to gauge who of PWR’s brightest stars should be included in the upcoming Path of Gold Match.

 Ralph Vs Chino

Ralph Imabayashi v. Chino Guinto

The Network doesn’t take losing lightly. After losing to Ralph Imabayashi and new tag partner Rederick Mahaba during the last PWR LIVE, the green gaze of the pyramid now shifts its focus on the former PWR Champion. The Filipino-Japanese Sensation will be taking on The Network’s Golden Boy in green, Chino Guinto. This is one of the matches PWR General Manager Mr. Sy has set up to gauge who of PWR’s brightest stars should be included in the upcoming Path of Gold Match.

Red Vs AB3

Rederick Mahaba v. Alexander Belmonte III

It isn’t over. Alexander Belmonte III seeks to go toe-to-toe once again with Rederick Mahaba following a loss after their last outing — a tag team match between the team of Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba vs. The Network. Will the newest downline of The Network be able to out-heart the Intimate Warrior this time around? Find out in this match PWR General Manager Mr. Sy has set up to gauge who of PWR’s brightest stars should be included in the upcoming Path of Gold Match.

Sandata Vs Apoc

SANDATA v. The Apocalypse

A masked warrior versus a masked monster. SANDATA and The Apocalypse aren’t strangers to each other. The last time these two fighters met was at Manila Madness and all hell broke loose, with The Apocalypse losing to SANDATA via count-out. And at PWR LIVE: Bagong Yugto, we will witness a rematch to reignite the flames in this hell of a feud. Will SANDATA take another W, or will The Apocalypse even the score 1-1? This is one of the matches PWR General Manager Mr. Sy has set up to gauge who of PWR’s brightest stars should be included in the upcoming Path of Gold Match.


Fighters 4 Hire v. The YOLO Twins

Two of PWR’s toughest and most elite brawlers in the Fighters 4 Hire will be squaring off against PWR’s most exciting and most #lit combatants, The YOLO Twins. What’s a PWR show without world-class tag team action, am I right? And this is one match-up that will surely blow the roof off the iAcademy Auditorium come January 29th! There’s no telling who will be coming into this match with a clear advantage, as both teams have chemistry going off the charts. Really, this one’s anybody’s game, and is one to not miss!

MadVlad Vs Punkdolls

Martivo & Robynn v. Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk

And finally… It’s going to be sugar, spice, and everything nice versus frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails as the Punkdolls (Martivo and Robynn) take on the unlikely team of Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk. Both teams debuted late last year at PWR LIVE: Suplex Sunday and the level of excitement they bring to the ring is nonpareil. The extremely eccentric moves of “The Man-Doll” Martivo surprisingly go well with punk chick Robynn’s brash style. While Mike Madrigal’s in-your-face brawler fighting repertoire is just the perfect fit for Vlad Sinnsyk’s dangerous, no-remorse technique. And when these two teams go up against each other, we will all witness a match that will be remembered for a very long time.

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